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Furniture crafted by Cisco Home ensures that what you own is not only visually stunning and exceptionally comfortable, but that it is also the best for your well-being and the health of your home. Call The Clean Bedroom at (914) 768-1818 to find out more, or browse our Cisco furniture collection.

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Drop by The Clean Bedroom showroom in Mount Kisco and discover the Cisco line of sofas: a perfect blend of personalized luxury and eco-friendliness. Your living room will never be the same. You'll experience more than just shopping; an immersive where you can see, touch, and feel the superior craftsmanship and sustainable beauty of Cisco Home sofas.


Cisco Home's sectionals are crafted to not only fit your space perfectly but also reflect your unique style, all while being kind to the environment. Experience the luxurious feel of premium materials, meticulously sourced and assembled with a natural mindset.

Cisco Home Furniture

Furniture by
Cisco Home:
Unique and Exquisite.


Fully Customizable

Customization is at the heart of every furniture piece we offer, allowing you to create sofas and sectionals that are truly one-of-a-kind. From selecting the perfect size and configuration to choosing fabrics, colors, and finishes, every detail can be tailored to your exact specifications. Our expert team is here to bring your vision to life with precision and care.