Hypodown Pillows Quiz



Quick Pillow Quiz

People are different sizes; they have different kinks in their different necks; and they have different ideas of what comfortable means. Ask yourself these questions to ensure you get a pillow that sleeps the way you do.

Do you sleep on your:
1. Stomach or stomach and back
2. Back or back and side
3. Primarily on your side

Do you want your pillow to:
1. Conform to your body and be moldable
2. Support your head but remain pliable
3. Remain the same throughout the night

Are you:
1. Petite or small boned
2. Average size
3. Tall or large

In the past, have you been most happy with pillows that are:
1. Soft
2. Medium
3. Firm

Add the numbers to determine what sort of pillow you ought to consider and proceed to quiz results.

If you scored 4-6
Soft to Medium

You are a softy. Hypodown pillows with a soft to medium firmness will prevent your head from being raised too high and promote circulation by keeping your neck straight.

If you scored 7 – 9
Medium to Firm

Your sleeping habits require a little more support to keep the neck in line with the spine. Medium to firm Hypodown pillows will work best. Or try a wool pillow in a medium firmness.

If you scored 10-12
Firm to Extra Firm

You want a buoyant pillow that provides proper spine alignment, like the firm or extra firm Hypodown pillows or a firm wool pillow.