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Duvet Cover FAQ

What is a duvet or a comforter?

A duvet or comforter is essentially a cloth-sewn, large pillowcase-like bag, filled with down, wool, silk,  or other soft material. They are often used as the top layer of bedding to keep the sleeper warm. To extend their life and decrease the need for washing, they are often enclosed in a duvet cover.  

What is the difference between a duvet & a duvet cover?

A duvet or comforter is a bag, often with baffles, with various fillings inside, such as silk, organic wool, or down.  The ‘cover’ aka the ‘duvet cover’ is simply a removable outside protective layer that is added to encompass the duvet.  How a pillowcase is to your pillow, a duvet cover is to a duvet. 

Here at The Clean Bedroom the duvet covers we offer are all made with natural, GOTS certified materials such as organic cotton, linen, silk, and more. 

Consult dimensions carefully; some people find that they enjoy having their duvet or comforter just a little bigger than the duvet cover so as to fill out the cover well.

Why do I need a duvet cover?

As mentioned below, it is often difficult or not recommended to wash the actual duvet or comforter. A duvet cover provides an extra level of protection. In addition, a duvet cover can be easily changed to match your decor or when the season changes.

 Can you wash a duvet or comforter?

If you are using a duvet cover, you may wash the removable duvet cover by simply removing that cover and wash it according to the directions. However, the duvet or comforter inside may not be washable, or may only be washable according to specific directions. In these cases, it is always important to consult the manufacturer’s directions. And always use a duvet cover!