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“The Clean Bedroom is the place to go if you need a new mattress or any other bedding for that matter.
Roger is very knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. His goal is to find the right fit for you no matter how long it takes.
The white glove service and mattress removal are a great added bonus. We are incredibly happy with our VISPRING mattress! Thank you” 
Annette, March 2021 via Google, 5-star review, Manhattan

“I’ve ordered online as well as in-store, and I’ve always had a great experience. I’ve purchased several bedding items over the years, and all were of high quality.
I purchased pillows from the retail location, and the salesperson helped me to select the correct pillows based on how I sleep as well as my preferences. For example, I had previously purchased pillows from another company that was filled with wool, however, I found that they got too hot, and he suggested organic cotton. He also allowed me to test the pillows in a sanitary way, and as a surprise bonus; once switching to organic cotton pillows from generic man-made fiber pillows, I no longer wake up with itchy eyes.”
Michele D, August 2020 via Google, 5-star review, Manhattan

“Great experience from A-Z. We visited the store because we’d done a lot of research and wanted a specific latex/hybrid mattress. Tom was both knowledgeable and very helpful. His product knowledge is in-depth and his customer service is outstanding. We ultimately chose a different mattress than we’d initially researched. Tom suggested the Obasan, and it’s been a game-changer for both of us when it comes to comfortable sleep. He returned our delivery follow-up and post-purchase emails very fast (I also ordered a Coyuchi duvet and had a color issue) and he’s eager to help no matter how small your issue or question. It’s been eight-plus months since our purchase and we’re very happy. Highly recommend Tom at The Clean Bedroom in Portsmouth! Sweet dreams!”

L. W., July 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

"Great customer service, love our bed. Highly recommend"
–Sam W, July 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

The Clean Bedroom is such a gem. I’m totally awed by the service and quality of care and products…on every level and at each step of the process. Purchasing a mattress that aligned with my values was no small feat and it felt incredible to walk into a store, feel seen, heard, and be supported in my choices. Thank you, Brian and team! I’ve never slept better. Many more referrals coming your way.

Janna D., July 2017 via Yelp, 5-star review of Manhattan location

“Tom really knows his stuff, very helpful and great products!”
–Ricky G. July 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“My girlfriend and I were in search of a natural mattress and were pleased to find that there actually was a store in the seacoast area. Tom explained all the differences between the types of mattresses they carry and found the right one for us. The mattress came in faster than we anticipated and it exceeded all our expectations! Great experience and even better products!”
–Ryan P. June 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“The store manager assisted us in finding the right mattress. I’ve been shopping around for hybrid mattresses for some months now and haven’t really found anyone to help me out in making a decision. He was helpful and informative.”

Jeanette H February 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Manhattan store

“This store is a gem. I am super impressed by the quality of their mattresses and bedding and the high quality of their products are matched by their high caliber staff. I had the pleasure of working with Roger who was remarkable both in terms of his level of knowledge and his patience. I came in armed with a boatload of questions and Roger had answers for them all. These people really know their bedding! No matter how many questions I asked he kept right on giving thorough responses. At one point the store got busy and Roger continued to make me feel like a priority. I found the whole shopping experience at the clean bedroom to be a very positive one. Choosing the right mattress and bed frame can be stressful but The Clean Bedroom takes a lot of the guesswork out by supplying quality products along with exceptional customer service. Definitely worth stopping by to see if they can help you to improve your zzzzzzz’s.”

Susan C, February 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Manhattan store

“Such a great place, so welcoming and clean! I knew I wanted a clean mattress, but my husband was on the fence. After trying out the beds they had, he was sold! Tom was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable!”
–Hannah P., February 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

I was looking for mattresses for a new summer home on fire Island. I have well researched organic toxic-free beds that are made without petroleum products. About 5 years ago I bought organic latex, cotton, and wool mattresses for a home upstate.  Unfortunately, I never felt comfortable as I like a firm mattress.  So this time around I continued my search for a firm organic mattress.  I went on a mission lying in bed after bed. I knew about the Clean Bedroom store and visited there one Saturday late in the day with a close friend.  We were welcomed by the most amazing salesperson, Janana.  She was helping another customer as well but took the time to explore my needs and concerns. We must have stayed there for TWO HOURS.  Janana never rushed us and answered all our questions.  The products they sell at the Clean Bedroom Store, from Savvy Rest to Vispring, are of the highest quality. I left without buying a mattress but returned 2 weeks later and finally settled on the most comfortable mattresses for the Fire Island home.  My family loved Janana and she let my grandchildren try all the beds (and the silk filled amazing pillows) and the wool
Pillow tops etc.  THANK YOU TO THE CLEAN BEDROOM STORE. We are looking forward to the beds arriving, knowing we are sleeping on nontoxic comfortable mattresses and foundations. Thank you Janana.”
–Branwen J, June 2019 via Yelp, 5-star review of Manhattan store

“What a great experience. The beds are wonderful, Tom was knowledgeable and easy to work with, and the delivery was a breeze. Our first night in the organic bed had us already breathing better! We’re very happy with our purchase–and we LOVE those wool pillows!”
–Ron K, January 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“I give the CLEAN BEDROOM STORE FIVE STARS for the quality of the products and the diverse options offered and also for the excellent customer service. After a long search for the perfect non toxic organic mattress, I am so happy to have found the Clean Bedroom store. I entered the store on 5th avenue and walked into a haven of comfortable mattresses from the Savvy Rest to the Vispring. And the best part of the experience was meeting with Janana who is so well informed and pleasant and helpful and never lost patience. I must have been at the store for about 4 hours during my 2 separate trips to the store. The mattresses we bought are so comfortable and there is peace of mind knowing that they are constructed out of petroleum-free organic products. I have also spoken with the owner of the business who is helpful and very respectful. I highly recommend to everyone who is in the market for a comfortable, well-made mattress to make their way to the Clean Bedroom store. Thank you to the Clean Bedroom store.”
–Jaclyn J, August 2019 via Google, 5-star review of Manhattan store

“We had a great experience working with Tom and loved the quality of the bed and materials. We had been looking for organic beds for quite some time; Tom was able to answer all of our questions and help us choose the perfect bed, pillows and comforters. He genuinely cares about his customers and he is a subject matter expert in the industry. It’s been over 90 days since we have been sleeping on the new bed and can already see a great improvement in our quality of sleep. I no longer wake up feeling tired and my neck pain has gone away. We highly recommend “The Clean Bedroom” to anyone who’s looking to improve their sleep, reduce stress, and get quality, long-lasting, organic materials. You couldn’t pay me enough to take back all the aches and pains I used to think were just part of waking up, but that I now know were caused by my low-quality bed.”
C. F. February 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“Tom really knows his stuff, very helpful and great products!”
–Ricky G. July 2020 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“The mattress itself is fantastic.
New York showroom made buying this mattress the most pleasurable shopping experience I have ever had, and certainly a painless mattress-shopping experience. Marcus was knowledgeable, laid back, friendly, and efficient. This is a one-of-a-kind store.”
Norman O, November 2019 via Google, 5-star review of Manhattan location

“Amazing service! I wanted to wait to write this review — It has been just 2 months with our new mattress and we are so thankful. Our mattress journey started well over a year ago when a Macy’s Beauty Rest Black sunk in the middle after 3 years. Long story short, the first mattress store we visited was the Clean Bedroom in Portsmouth NH; very much impressed with the mattresses but nervous to spend $$ again…We decided to try the ‘bed in a box’ route — after trying 3 well known high end mattresses over the next 9 mos. we struggled to get comfortable & actually sleep. We returned to the Clean Bedroom to meet Tom Lincoln. He spent over an hour with us, answering every question and trying to find what would work for us. We ended up buying a beautiful mattress that works for both my husband & myself. The service, the delivery, everything was 5 stars and Tom is an expert. All I can say to anyone in the market for a new mattress- you can either spend the year trying out terrible “affordable” mattresses or just go see Tom. Money well spent and we will never go anywhere else ever.”
C.J., October 2019 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“We came in on a road trip up the East Coast, in large part because we knew we needed a new organic mattress and there are so few places in the US that allow you to test them out by actually lying on them! We’re so glad we did. Tom took us in and explained how organic mattresses work, soup to nuts. He gave us the info we needed but was never pushy or “sales-y”, which we so appreciated. We found a mattress we love, one that was totally different from the one we’d thought we would buy if we were just buying online without testing first. Every time we crawl in bed now, one of us is almost always commenting about how comfy and cozy our new bed is 🙂 Thanks, Tom, for everything!”

Brooke B., September 2019 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“Tom, the manager of the store, clearly cares about delivering only the highest-quality products to his customers, and really took the time to help figure out what mattress was right for us. He was helpful and trustworthy throughout the whole process. A breath of fresh air. Thanks Tom!”
Jeff E., December 2019 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“After a lot of research on my own, I came down to a few options. Tom was great to work with! He provided me with additional information to make sure I picked the right bed and mattress to meet my needs. Without Tom’s expertise and his willingness to go the extra mile, I’m not sure I would have made the best decisions in my purchase. He was not only very knowledgeable but professional and always communicated with me in a timely fashion to make sure my needs were met. The adjustable bed and mattress are exactly what I needed.
Kevin H, September 2019 via Google, 5-star review of Portsmouth NH store

“Tom was very helpful and not a high-pressure salesman. Very informative and professional. I highly recommend this store!”

Tim R. September 2019 via Google (5 star review) Portsmouth NH store

After doing a bunch of research online, to find “non-toxic/eco-friendly mattresses” and “healthy mattresses for kids,” it was great to find a store where you can actually see/feel the product.
Our salesperson, Tom, was very knowledgeable and responsive and helped us make the right decision, without being pushy.
It’s nice to know that the whole family is now sleeping in a better environment, free from the toxic chemicals that are in most mattresses.”

-Cris D, August 2019 via Google (5-star review) Portsmouth NH store

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