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Down Comforters

We carry down comforters made by respected manufacturers like St. Geneve. We also feature comforters made with Ogallala Down for those allergic to down. Both are responsibly sourced to the Responsible Down Standard. Down comforters come in a variety of weights and sizes so that you can choose your perfect comforter. They are typically light and fluffy, but also very durable.

Allergic to down? Choose Ogallala Down – a sustainable choice!

Many people have questions regarding this alternative option. What is it and why is it better for you? Ogallala Down is a unique, hypoallergenic mix of Syriaca (milkweed) fibers and goose down. The Syriaca fibers calm down the allergens naturally found in down, making this comforter hypoallergenic, even for those with down allergies. Syriaca (milkweed) is the only food of the monarch caterpillar. By encouraging the growth of the milkweed plant, you are helping to preserve monarch butterflies. All milkweed pods are hand-harvested so as to not damage the plant or the pods.

Experience the temperature right for you.

Every person’s body is unique. Some of us feel toasty warm even on the chilliest of nights. Others crank the heat the minute the sun goes down. Luckily, Ogallala has a comforter, or duvet if you please, for everyone. Ogallala fills its duvets with several weights of Ogallala Down, a mix of Goose down and Syriaca clusters. If you’re always cold, choose the Warm option. If you’re comfortable in most surroundings, you may be best served choosing the lightweight option. In any case, you’ll be amazed at the soft luxurious comfort an allergy-free down comforter provides. With options available in a range of sizes, from a twin to a super king for luxurious comfort, these organic Ogallala Down comforters are the perfect way to revamp your bedding for a better night of rest. Every option from this collection features the best in manufacturing processes as well as healthy ingredients of the highest standards.

We utilize pure and responsibly sourced materials.

Made with soft, long-staple cotton sateen bordered by a satin piping, this allergy-free down comforter is a classic box design for the best of function in terms of warmth and comfort, as well as the best of visual appeal in terms of overall style elements. The cotton cover, combined with the Ogallala Down, creates a cloud-like feeling with every night of rest. Manufactured with the best in sustainable products sourcing only natural, organic elements, this collection of organic bedding is free from pesticides during the growing phases, cleaning chemicals during the manufacturing process, and chemical flame retardant during the test process. Without all those unwanted chemicals and pesticides, you just get simple, clean, healthy bedding that meets your needs without effort or concern. Whether you are an allergy sufferer or are just looking for an exceptional bedding choice, this collection has you covered with a reliable solution manufactured for the utmost of comfort and natural living.

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