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Your Most Energetic Year Ever! - Becoming Your Best with Healthy Sleep

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Between travel, family gathering, and extra responsibilities, it can be tough to get the sleep you need during the holiday season. Here's some tips to get back on track for healthy sleep after the holidays so that you can start your year strong and at your best:

1. Keep a regular go to bed and wake up time. The Mayo Clinic recommends going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Try to limit the difference in your sleep schedule on weeknights and weekends to no more than one hour. Being consistent reinforces your body's sleep-wake cycle.

2. Sleep in a dark, cool room. Many sleep experts say that a cool room, somewhere around 65 degrees, makes for the best sleep, and research backs this notion, according to the National Sleep Foundation.Your body temperature dips when you are sleeping and then climbs slowly towards your normal wake time. Warmer air in the room can interfere with this normal dip in temperature, causing your sleep to be less restful. In fact, some forms of insomnia are related to poor body temperature regulation.

3. Establish a bedtime routine, including stopping screen use at least 1 hour before bedtime. The American Heart Association lists several possibilities to help you relax: Making the next day’s to-do list, meditation, journaling, reading, and avoiding bright screens. Others recommend a warm bath or listening to music. Put together a routine that works for you.

4. Cut caffeine. It’s no secret that caffeine impacts sleep, and while this is different for different people, caffeine close to bedtime can make it difficult to get the good quality sleep that you need.

5. Tweak your technology with these tips from the American Heart Association:

  • Charge your device somewhere other than your bedroom
  • Use an app like flux or a red filter app to reduce blue light
  • Set an alarm to remind you to go to bed.
  • Or lock your apps at a certain time to remind you to go to bed
  • Use the “do not disturb” function to mute notifications

Implementing even one of these tips can improve your sleep, and in turn, your overall health for more productive, positive days!

Five Organic Gifts under $100

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More favorites - all under $100!

Mari Ann Silk Charmeuse Silk Eye Mask - $48

This elegant silk charmeuse eye mask is made from fine mulberry silk which is incredibly smooth, to offer you a better night of sleep. The luxurious charmeuse eye mask is designed with an elastic band to gently hold the eye mask on. Soft and lightweight, it is a thoughtful gift for a special person in your life — or yourself!

Coyuchi Bolinas Organic Cotton Beach Towel - $78

Know someone taking a trip south this winter? A colorful beach towel made from GOTS-certified organic cotton is a handy gift. From the pool to the park to the beach, this towel makes a great companion! Colorful yarn-dyed stripes in your choice of colors is sized to wrap around stretch out on. Thin and quick-drying, yet soft and absorbent, this towel features a velvety mini-loop terry in a double weave.

Savvy Rest Adjustable Kapok Pillow - $87.20 through 11/26 ($109 after 11/26)

Another completely adjustable pillow from Savvy Rest! This one is made of organic kapok — a natural fiber from seed pods that is used as an alternative to down. The outer layer of soft, organic cotton provides a smooth and pure encasement and a luxurious feel. To adjust the amount of fill in the pillow, just unzip the inner and outer casing and remove or add as much fill as you desire.

Mari Ann Silk Charmeuse Silk Single Pillowcase - $83.30 with code WRAP15 through 11/26

This elegant silk charmeuse pillowcase is made from fine 22 momme mulberry silk which is incredibly smooth, to offer you a better night of sleep. The natural cellular albumen in silk helps to speed up the metabolism in your skin and delays the aging process. The luxurious charmeuse pillowcase is designed with a small opening in the back. It is a thoughtful gift for a special person in your life — or yourself!

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Waffle Spa Robe - $98

For weekend mornings and cozy nights, wrap up in this pure organic cotton waffle robe from Coyuchi. This robe is pre-tumbled so it will be soft from day one, and continue to get softer each time you wash it. Unisex styling with an airy waffle weave that is both comfortable and flattering. Double belt loops.

There you go - 5 gifts that are under $100! For gifts under $60, check this out further down! Happy shopping!

Five Organic Gifts under $60

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How to give sustainable, eco-friendly gifts without breaking the bank? Here are five suggestions we love, all under $60! A few clicks and you're done!

glo Organics Organic Cotton Honeycomb Throw - $57.85 through 11/27 SOLD OUT

Who couldn't use a throw blanket to chase away the chills in winter? 100% Fair Trade certified & GOTS-certified organic cotton. A very cozy addition to your eco-friendly home. Available in Algiers Blue only.

The Belgian Linen Towel by Libeco - $38 - $41

This linen towel made of European flax makes an elegant 'thank-you' or hostess gift in either a fingertip towel size or guest towel size. Many color combinations to choose from! For over 150 years, the craftsmanship of weaving fine Belgian linen has been passed down from generation to generation at Libeco. As a family business, local sustainable production and high quality are the hallmarks of their work, which is exported throughout the world. The company became CO2 neutral in 2014.

Coyuchi Essentials Women's Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee - $48.00

We have many organic cotton apparel items - this is just one of them! Supersoft T-shirt crafted from 100% organic cotton. This shirt is a go to item with everything from jeans and shorts on casual days to a blazer or skirt at work. Available in three colors (and we also have a short sleeve version, if that is more to your liking!). Made from soft GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Sachi Organics Organic Buckwheat or Millet Hull Neck Cylinder Support Pillow - $45.47 with WRAP15 promo code through 11/27

If you are looking to shop small and support small businesses this season, Sachi fits the bill! These pillows are professionally handmade by a family that has been making them for over 30 years. All pillows are made from certified organic raw materials. The buckwheat hulls are grown on organic farms in South Dakota and the pillows are produced in New Mexico — hand stuffed and machine stitched for high quality. This pillow supports either neck or back and is totally adjustable for individualized support.

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Knit Jersey Infant Snuggle Sack - $58.00

Keep the baby in your life comfy and cozy with this adorable sleep sack by Coyuchi! Made of soft GOTS-certified organic cotton, it features a zipper opening for easy changes that parents will appreciate. Colors achieved with low-impact dyes. Blue with a cute hedgehog print. One size fits 0-6months (up to 26" length)

That's it - some of our favorites for (almost) everyone on your list!

Back to school!

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From kindergarten to college, sleep is critical for academic success. Which products will enhance your child or teenager's sleep? We’ve gathered a few choices of healthy items within a variety of budget ranges.

Summer's Back

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Warmer temperatures mean you, and I will spend more time both physically active and just being outside: at work in the yard, strolling in the park, playing sports, out on vacations, moving into a new home, walking the dog several times a day... and the list goes on. While this increased level of physical activity is a much needed and healthy break from the relatively sedentary life imposed by the colder weather of the past seasons, it also means that you will have to "watch your back." And I don't mean this metaphorically.

Nocturia with a grain of salt

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What is Nocturia

Sleeping in the sun

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Generally speaking, no matter how romantic it sounds, you want to avoid sleeping in the sun. When it comes to sleeping, the sun is not your friend, especially during the summer. In a typical scenario, if you sleep in the sun, you’ll get sunburned and end up having an even harder time resting for the next several nights in the comfort of your own mattress and bed. Even if you have an adjustable bed, it will be difficult to avoid the blisters and pain of sun burn. If only for the sake of your health, it is best to avoid prolonged direct exposure to sunlight during the summer season. If and when you have to stay out in the sun -- such as during an outdoor party, a day at the beach or while gardening -- you’ll need to protect yourself.

Your Seasonal Checklist for a Healthier Home

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Every once in a while, you could do much worse than planning some time to go through the checklist below and make sure that your home is in a good, healthy shape.

10 Essential Items for Your Guest Bedroom

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The following is a guest post by the fine folks at bedowl.com. The original material first appeared on bedowl.com.

Fast Food For All

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plastic fast-food