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Back to school!

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From kindergarten to college, sleep is critical for academic success. Which products will enhance your child or teenager's sleep? We’ve gathered a few choices of healthy items within a variety of budget ranges.

Nocturia with a grain of salt

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What is Nocturia

The Price of Sleep Debt

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Let me guess: you're not getting enough rest! How was I able to come to that reckoning, given that I don’t know you personally? It’s a simple extrapolation: the majority of Americans just don't get enough sleep. Statistics speak for themselves: 40% of Americans sleep less than 6 hours a night, which is significantly less than what is needed. Chances are you’re no different, and neither am I.

Sleeping Solutions for Small Apartments

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Living in an apartment, as compared to owning a house, provides someone with the opportunity to have more time for themselves and to care for their interests instead of spending that time clearing lawns, fixing the furnace or shoveling the sidewalk. In fact, time is one of the most important benefits of having an apartment to oneself. There's, however, no chance of enjoying a good thing without it having any disadvantage, and in this case, there are many problems that come with owning an apartment.

Summertime: How to help your kids sleep healthily

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Summer holidays and vacations afford us more freedom, time for ourselves and even more importantly, the ability to sleep for as long as needed in the morning. During that period, the "early to bed, early to rise" idea gets tucked away. Over the next couple of months, the kids won't be required to wake up early.

Better sleep for the new season

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A change of season bring a lot of new things around; we usually tend to try and reflect those differences in our daily life and in the objects we use. These include setting goals that are different or revised from the previous season's plan, shedding unnecessary weight to match the new clothes, and changing friends, amongst other things. However, a salient aspect of our lives which we should -- but rarely do -- pay enough pay attention to is the quality of the sleep that we get every day. The one condition that makes sleep great is where a person sleeps. That, my friend, is your mattress.

Reasons to Change your Mattress

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Changing a mattress is one of those things that people do not pay attention to, even though a considerable amount of time out of their day is spent on the bed. Most people do not know the right time to change their mattress.

Too much sleep can be harmful

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Health wise, it is recommended that an individual should get not more than 7 to 9 hours of sleep at a go. However, some people overstretch this sleep duration and sleep for up to 10 hours or more. Studies have therefore shown that these individuals who sleep more than the recommended sleep duration are liable to develop one form of health complication or the other.

Fall asleep faster using these five tricks

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We, as humans have different activities daily and these activities sometimes wear the body out. This accumulated stress affects the way we sleep, and just as importantly how fast we fall asleep. No matter how much stress the body is going through, there are ways the body can fight this stress in order to relieve the body and sleep more comfortably.

Will An Organic Mattress Help Me Get A Better Nights Sleep?

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