Eight Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

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Are adjustable power beds beneficial?

From helping everyday aches and pains to those who want a more comfortable position to read and watch television, an adjustable power bed base has benefits for everyone.

Quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body and overall health. Adjustable power beds can help you achieve that quality of sleep. Being able to position your body, combined with our pressure-relieving mattresses, will allow you to experience the maximum amount of healthy sleep every night.

In the past, adjustable beds had a reputation for being only for those who are chronically ill, experience debilitating pain, or perhaps need help to get into and out of bed. Although these benefits are there, they extend beyond these select individuals into the everyday person.

If you are considering an adjustable bed but aren’t 100% certain, let these 8 health benefits help you decide!

Limit Sleep Disturbances

Do you suffer from sleep apnea, or do you or your partner snore? If so, then you could benefit from an adjustable bed. If you snore, you most likely sleep on your back. However, it can occur in whatever position you fall asleep in. The cause of snoring is when the trachea closes because of your neck’s weight, which causes the snoring sound. The way to eliminate that is by propping your head upright.  We can achieve this by adjusting the angle on an adjustable bed-often at the touch of a button! With an adjustable bed, you and your partner can experience sounder sleep.

Reduce Back Pain

Reducing back pain is one of the most commonly mentioned health benefits of adjustable beds. Improper alignment of the spine or too much pressure on a specific part of your body can cause you to wake up with lower back pain. There are tips and tricks to help prevent this from happening, or you could let an adjustable bed do the work for you!

Angling the head of the bed limits the compression of your lower back, and angling the base of the bed can reduce stress in the middle of your spine. You can also elevate your feet – and some models even come with lumbar support. You’d have to find what exact angle works for you, but if you experience back pain, consider the benefits of an adjustable bed.

Aid in Digestion

Acid reflux can be uncomfortable and leave you feeling uneasy when you wake up. Even if you stop eating hours before you fall asleep, your body is still working hard to digest that food. One way to avoid this and to make sure your digestive tract runs is to avoid lying flat on your back. You want to ensure your stomach is resting above your intestines, which we can achieve with a power bed. Thus, you get relief from acid reflux and aid digestion by raising the head of the bed a little.

Eliminate Neck Pain

Similar to solving your back pain problems, an adjustable bed could help ease neck pain as well. Painful strains in the neck can be annoying and cause you to suffer from headaches, too. While neck pain may not be the culprit in your headaches, it’s worth looking into if you have them.

Especially helpful for back-sleepers, an adjustable power bed can lift the top of the bed frame to release pressure in your neck. Unlike resting on a flat pillow, with an adjustable bed, your head won’t be too far back. It will also save you the hassle of piling multiple pillows on top of each other, often causing your head to be pushed too far forward. With an adjustable bed, you might say goodbye to those constant headaches!

Increase Circulation

Do you ever wake up with numb arms or legs? Does it take some time for you to gain your balance when getting out of bed? Or maybe you reach for the coffee first thing in the morning? You might suffer from poor circulation.

Poor circulation can lead to heart problems, numbness in your limbs, and brain fog during the day. With an adjustable power bed, you can angle the bed to provide optimal circulation based on your individual needs. This can help you rest easier and assist your entire circulatory system, which is always welcome! To avoid poor circulation, raising the bottom half of your adjustable bed will send blood back to your heart and aid in your circulation. Some models come equipped with full-body massage vibration to help with circulation as well.

Power Beds Help You Breathe Easier

This goes along with limiting your sleep disturbances and snoring. One of the major benefits of an adjustable bed is they allow you to elevate the top half of your body to a position where you’re both comfortable and have open airways to breathe. Even those who don’t suffer from a breathing disorder can still reap the benefits of adjustable beds. They can help with head colds, allergies, and sinuses too.

Everyday Aches and Pains?

Even if you don’t have a chronic condition or any of the problems mentioned above, you can still benefit from an adjustable power bed. Day-to-day activity causes muscle aches, and over time joints crack because of gravity. An adjustable bed helps ease these common pains by increasing blood flow, removing stress from problematic areas, and shifting your weight to provide an overall more comfortable sleep experience. Being able to end your aches and pains by elevating or adjusting the angle you sleep at- it’s hard to pass up.

Adjustable Power Beds Provide Overall Comfort and Convenience

Although adjustable beds’ health benefits are convincing enough, they also have benefits that reach beyond your health and into simple conveniences. Do you enjoy reading before bed, watching TV, or perhaps doing some work? An adjustable bed can make these activities that much easier and more enjoyable by allowing you to sit up comfortably. You can return your bed to the flat position or program your favorite positions in some models with the remote.

Overall, an adjustable bed can make both your sleep time and awake time more pleasurable.

The adjustable base and the mattress work in concert to get the full health and comfort benefit of an adjustable bed.
At The Clean Bedroom, our adjustable beds help maximize your sleep every night by allowing you to optimize your body position while you sleep. Our adjustable beds work in concert with our pressure-relieving mattresses.

Choosing the Right Mattress for an Adjustable Bed

The mattress is an important part of experiencing the benefits of an adjustable bed. The adjustable base and the mattress work in concert to get the full health and comfort benefit of an adjustable bed. Every mattress does not work well with an adjustable bed. To get the maximum benefit – particularly lumbar support and pressure relief – it is essential to invest in a mattress that will give you those benefits. In particular, most innerspring mattresses do not perform well on an adjustable bed frame unless they are the quality of a Vispring. Our organic rubber mattresses, such as Obasan, perform extremely well and optimize an adjustable bed’s overall experience. 

A high-quality mattress with an adjustable bed base creates a more comfortable and healthy sleep experience for you. Our sleep consultants can assist you by calling 212-764-3232 or reaching out via email at info@thecleanbedroom.com or via chat on our website.

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First published October 2020. Edited for clarity in February 2022.