Vispring Beds

The best handmade mattresses, divans and headboards in the world. Over 120 years in the making. Bespoke to your specifications by true craftsmen. Made with the finest natural materials in the world. Come try a Vispring bed at one of our The Clean Bedroom locations, or visit our Vispring-exclusive showroom in New York City.


Individually handcrafted to your exact specifications. Every bed we craft delivers unique Vispring comfort that will satisfy any requirement.


Just as much attention to detail goes into our headboard designs. Handcrafted with the softest materials and built with durability in mind, each headboard can be finished with any fabric chosen from our range of textures, or customized with whatever you choose.


Finish your bed, divan or headboard with the fabric of your choice. Whether it’s from our wide range of exclusive materials made by the finest European weavers, or something picked from your own collection – make your bed totally unique.


Complete your bed design with a bespoke set of legs. Available with a wide range of materials, coatings and heights. You can add subtle design hints to your bed to match your style.


To complement the finest beds in the world, we offer a comprehensive range of bedding. High-quality and luxuriously comfortable, they will embellish and complete your Vispring sleep experience.


Take your sleep to even more comfortable places with our range of mattress protectors, pads, pillows and more. Whether you’re looking for the softness of Hungarian goose down or the peace of mind you get from an expertly designed mattress protector – you’ll find it.