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Why a latex mattress?

Does organic latex provide the best organic mattress? For what reasons would you buy an organic latex mattress?  There are many.

Organic latex provides a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. It provides great pressure point relief and easily conforms to your body shape. It is also a quiet sleeping medium so that if one person moves around, it is not as perceptible by the other person.

Latex mattresses are often customizable, allowing different firmness levels on various sides or even various mattress zones. Some mattresses have several layers and zones, making them easy to take apart and move without hiring someone to do it for you. As your sleep needs change through the years, a customizable mattress can often change with you.

Latex is a great choice for someone who has allergies, as it is dust mite resistant. Latex is also anti-bacterial and insect repellant.

A latex mattress is a sustainable purchase because it is 100% biodegradable. Natural latex is a renewable resource, making a latex mattress an eco-friendly purchase.

We have researched extensively to find the best latex mattresses in a variety of price ranges. We work with established, eco-friendly companies that have been making all-natural and organic mattresses for years.

For more assistance in choosing the best organic mattress for you, check out our blog post with a guide to the best organic mattresses our FAQs about latex mattresses, or contact our helpful staff at 212-764-3232 voice or text.