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The Kids are Back…

Your child’s healthy sleep is critical for academic success from kindergarten to college. Of course, you know to limit electronics, avoid caffeine, and create a peaceful bedroom environment. But how can you further enhance your child or teenager’s sleep? We’ve gathered a few choices of healthy items within various budget ranges to help your student sleep well.

Healthy Sleep for College Students

Let’s start with college students. Dorm room beds typically use a TwinXL (39" x 80") bedding size, which can be tricky to find, especially in organic or natural fibers. A TwinXL mattress is 5 inches longer than a regular twin mattress, so regular twin bedding will not fit. We can provide you with cozy TwinXL comforters, silky sheets, fresh mattress pads, and blankets that are all-natural and extremely comfortable! Try our Mulberry West silk comforters in a TwinXL size for a touch of luxury!

Mattress pads, sheets, blankets, and pillows can create a cozy, comfortable, and healthy sleep environment.  Organic linens and wool fibers can regulate heat and be a little more breathable than synthetic materials.  Organic mattress encasements ensure a clean and healthy environment, and if you can, a mattress topper can provide an extra layer of cushion, reducing tossing and turning. 

If your  student has allergies or chemical sensitivities, an air purifier can be helpful.

Don’t forget a robe! The Coyuchi Waffle Robe is soft and comfy – perfect to relax in after a busy day on campus!    

Adding one or more of these to a care package can positively impact your child’s health and sleep.

For your teenager at home

Remember when your child transitioned to a big bed — 10 or 12 years ago — or more? Perhaps it’s time to replace that mattress for your child’s healthy sleep. We feature beds in a wide price range. Our mattresses are made from natural or organic latex, wool, and cotton. None of our beds use toxic flame-retardant chemicals; therefore, they constitute an excellent choice for those with multiple chemical sensitivities. Also, organic items can keep your student warm without overheating because the fibers are natural and breathe. Many of our items are hypoallergenic and work well for students with allergies. All of this combines for a deeper, more restful night of sleep.

Your child’s healthy sleep

Keeping your child’s bedroom cool, dark, and quiet will enhance their sleep. Recommended temperature for the bedroom is 61 to 68 degrees, as too-warm temperatures make for a night of less deep sleep.

Perhaps a soft new pair of sheets or a new pillow would be a treat that would help encourage a longer night of sleep? We have a variety of options, from soft jersey to crisp percale, and pillows that come in a variety of sizes and fills.  As your child grows, their pillow needs change as well. Having comfortable bedding and pillows can help your student get the deep sleep they need. Getting healthy sleep is critical to your child’s health and ability to assimilate information, so an investment in their sleep surroundings is an investment in their future. And let’s face it — your student needs all the peaceful and healthy rest he or she can get – whether in college or at home!


First Published in July of 2017
Updated August 7, 2023

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