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Ogallala Comfort Company

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For 30 years, Ogallala Comfort Company has been helping people to sleep soundly in some of the best organic products available. What makes this company stand out in the industry of luxurious organic bedding is their Hypodown, which is a naturally hypoallergenic blend of Syriaca, otherwise known as milkweed fibers, and goose down. This is a family owned and operated company in Ogallala, Nebraska, a small community dedicated to ranching. Not only that, but they are the world’s largest supplier of sustainably harvested milkweed products. This business is here to change the landscape of the United States. Not only are they harvesting these plants to create all-natural products, but they are developing a whole new agriculture based on the milkweed plant. Finding the benefits hidden in this plant, Ogallala believes it is bettering people’s lives with products that comfort, protect, and improve health.For many, allergies are a big concern when it comes to purchasing organic products. Luckily, if you’re allergic to down, Ogallala Comfort Company offers the solution. The Syriaca fibers calm the allergens in down, making their products hypoallergenic, even for those with down allergies. Each product is a luxurious blend of the two, ensuring that you are not only adding all-natural products to your bed but ensuring that you are calming potential allergy flare-ups before they even happen. We have a variety of products available in this Hypodown blend, including pillows, comforters, duvets, and even a featherbed. Each product is a 70% goose down, 30% milkweed blend, ensuring the perfect combination for comfort. In addition, Syriaca clusters are a natural dust mite repellant, so you don’t have to worry about any bug issues. Best of all, these items contain no chemical flame retardants and are non-toxic. All down is sourced according to the Responsible Down Standard and no live-plucking is involved.
Geese are treated humanely in every step of the process.
Every person’s body is unique. Some of us feel toasty warm, even on the chilliest of nights. Others crank the heat the minute the sun goes down. Luckily, Ogallala Comfort Company has something for everyone. Each product is filled with several different weights of Hypodown, so you can find the perfect option for your temperature needs. So hunker down and cozy up to Ogallala.
Here at The Clean Bedroom, we are your source for high-quality organic bedding products. We have everything you need to achieve a restful night’s sleep in a healthy manner, all the while doing good for the planet and for your health. If you have any questions while shopping our selection, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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