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When you are truly passionate about an industry, it is only natural to want to create your own line of products within the standards of the industry. With The Clean Bedroom bedding collection, experience our take on healthy, organic, and affordable products for your home. Focused on using only the best materials harvested from sustainable sources, The Clean Bedroom bedding collection offers a complete lineup of the essentials. When looking for a high-quality mattress, The Clean Bedroom bedding collection has you covered. Choose from an array of sizes from twin to king with our safe, non-toxic latex and organic cotton mattresses at your service. Offered in varying degrees of firmness to find the right balance between comfort and support for your preferences, these solutions are free from the harmful flame retardant spray other mattresses sometimes use to pass inspection. When looking to protect that investment, we also offer waterproof protectors for both adults and children. Of course, you will also need an organic sheet set and pillowcases to complete your oasis of peaceful nights.
We offer sheet sets in various types to accommodate your mattress size such as deep pocket and low profile. With The Clean Bedroom bedding collection, get all the essentials you need to create your best night of rest. Whether looking for a sheet set with 300 thread count for extra luxury, a 300 count organic cotton and sateen duvet cover, or a waterproof protector made of organic elements, we have you covered with this great selection of necessities for your home. Every option has been carefully made to ensure a safe and healthy alternative to traditional options on the market. With this collection, you get the best of long-lasting performance and a safe, non-toxic solution.
Every item we feature is free from harmful pesticides, chemicals, and flame retardant sprays so you can rest easy and sleep soundly knowing you are safeguarding your health. Since these products are made with naturally sourced elements, such as wool, cotton, and latex, you can rest assured you are getting options that are safer for your health than traditional chemical-laden choices. Another benefit is that many of these products are hypoallergenic and free from dust mite allergens. This goes a long way for those suffering from allergies to reduce flare ups, so you wake up refreshed and healthy. Why sleep with unhealthy materials and harmful chemicals when there is a better way? Add this great collection to your home today and experience a better night of rest and embrace a newfound sense of peace.
At The Clean Bedroom, we are your source for all things organic and natural for your sleeping space. With a focus on bringing you only the best brands in the industry with a range of choices to find the right fit for you as an individual, we are confident you will get the right option for your home. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the products we proudly offer, please contact us.

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