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Coyuchi is a manufacturer committed to ensuring that everything that bears their label is produced and processed to the strictest standards in safe and humane conditions — from the farm to the factory, to the customers’ homes.

EST. 1991 | Point Reyes, CA

For three decades, the planet has been Coyuchi’s starting point. From our nature-inspired designs to our industry-disrupting stance on climate activism, every decision they make is informed by the beauty of the world around us.

When Coyuchi launched, they set a new standard—the first to create soft, luxurious, and lasting home textiles using only 100% organic cotton. What began as a weaver’s dream to craft healthier linens has blazed a trail for those who seek accountability for their own footprints. What drove Coyuchi then drives us today—to make the highest-quality products while leaving the least possible impact on the earth.

Our Circular Initiative

All Coyuchi products begin with 100% organic fibers and a traceable supply chain. 2nd Home Renewed™ products are Coyuchi linens that have been returned to us through our 2nd Home Take Back™ program. Coyuchi’s partners at the Renewal Workshop take great care to clean these items, check for flaws, and repair them to be as good as new. If the material is too damaged to be used again, it is aggregated for recycling.

Organically Grown

When Coyuchi launched, they introduced the world to organic textiles, untouched by pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. They still use only 100% organic fibers, and we hold our bedding to the strictest standards of environmental and social responsibility.

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