About Hypodown

Ogallala Comfort Company

Ogallala is developing new agriculture in this country based on the milkweed plant. Finding the hidden benefits in the plant, Ogallala is bettering people’s lives with products that comfort, protect and improve health. Whether it is your sleep, your skin or your health, Ogallala products are revolutionary.

Hypodown Helps Fuel the Monarch Flyway

Milkweed (Syriaca) plants provide lush leaves that are food for monarch caterpillars, which turn to butterflies that fly from Mexico through the United States to Canada, then back to Mexico each summer.

This migration is being threatened as their habitat is destroyed through urban sprawl and certain farm practices. Syriaca Clusters come from the seed pods of the wild-collected milkweed pods. As pods are collected, milkweed plants will be preserved. As the demand for milkweed products goes up, more Monarch habitat is protected and restored.

Allergic to down? Choose Hypodown®.

Hypodown® combines two natural fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night’s sleep, even if you have allergies to down. Hypodown® is 70% Goose or Duck Down and 30% Syriaca Clusters, a natural fiber that dust mites do not like. Hypodown® has been tested by allergy doctors in the United States, Hungary and Germany. Each test concludes people who are allergic to down can use Hypodown® without allergic reactions. Hypodown® comforters and pillows are guaranteed to be reaction free for TEN years.

Fill Power

Fill power is the amount of space one ounce of down will occupy. Down clusters are various sizes. Some are large and fluffy and others are smaller. The larger clusters occupy more space and trap more air so the higher your fill power, the denser your product will be.

What is Syriaca?

Syriaca Clusters come from the Asclepias plant, commonly known as milkweed. The hollow fibers aid in moisture transfer and are durable and warm. Syriaca clusters are hypoallergenic as dust mites don’t like this type of fiber. The down cluster component of Hypodown® meets or exceeds standard down testing requirements.

How is Hypodown created?

These comforters feature the fluffiest, cleanest goose or duck down available. The manufacturer grows its own Syriaca and collects the finest pods, captures large Syriaca Clusters and transfers them to their patented Hypodown Blender. The Hypodown Blender combines the Syriaca Clusters and goose or duck down. Forced air whirls and twirls, mixing the two fibers creating Hypodown. The combination is so intimate that it cannot be separated. Some people sweat in Iceland. Some people shiver in the Sahara. Some people just want the very best comforters. Others want the very best sleep. Whatever your sleep needs, the Hypodown comforter delivers.

Defining Hypodown 800, 700, 600

Hypodown 800 is the finest down available: 85% Goose or Duck Down Cluster / 15% small feathers. The final fill is then 70% of this 85/15 down mixture and 30% syriaca clusters.

Hypodown 700 is a premium down 80% Goose or Duck Down Clusters / 20% small feathers. The final fill is then 70% of this 80/20 down mixture and 30% syriaca clusters.

Hypodown 600 is: 75% Goose or Duck Down Clusters / 25% small feathers. The final fill is then 70% of this 75/25 down mixture and 30% syriaca clusters.