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Naturally Organic Mattress Reviews


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Naturally Organic oyasumi Latex Mattress
Naturally Organicoyasumi Latex Mattress

Customer feedback: “It’s remarkably comfortable, supportive and cushioning all at the same time — I recommend the firm middle core. Indeed, the mattress took some time to get, but it was worth waiting for!” — J.B.

Our thoughts: We received this mattress for our Kittery showroom and are breathless at the beauty and sophistication of this new model. The medium side suits those of us who like a softer mattress. The firm side will satisfy those looking for a firmer latex mattress. Very Japanese and contemporary look on our Freeport bed frame.

Naturally Organic Oyasumi Dream Latex Mattress
Naturally OrganicOyasumi DreamLatex Mattress

Customer feedback: This mattress has not yet been reviewed. Be the first! Send your review to

Our thoughts: “I fell in love with the Dream as soon as I saw it. I love how it looks and it feels even better!” — Rachel, NYC showroom manager