Children's Organic Bedding and Mattresses | Nursery

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Give your kids a healthy start in life. You select organic foods whenever possible, right? We can help your kids sleep organic, too.

Organic mattresses and organic bedding are not only better for the environment because the materials are raised/processed without chemicals, but the fibers provide greater comfort than man-made synthetics that do not breathe well.

If you are looking for a chemical-free mattress, we have several options! Our organic cotton and organic latex mattresses are made with 100% organic latex and certified organic cotton and they’re free of toxic flame-retardant chemicals and fabric stain-resistant treatments. Our organic cotton sheets are made without dyes and chemical bleaches and so are softer and gentler to sensitive skin, a great relief to children suffering from eczema. Organic cotton blankets and pure wool comforters keep your kids warm and cozy without overheating because the fibers breathe. Pillows made with organic cotton, natural latex, wool, or buckwheat hulls provide superior support and protection from dust mite allergens. We even have eco-friendly and whimsical decorative pillows to fit your themes!  Take a look at the many choices to help you create your own healthy haven for your child.

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