Reasons to Travel With Your Organic Pillow

When it comes to your favorite pillow, you may want to take it with you everywhere you go. While some people feel this is an unnecessary attachment to an inanimate object, there are actually 5 good reasons to travel with your own pillow. Let’s take a closer look before you take your next trip.

1. Allergens

The biggest reason you should be traveling with your own pillow is because of allergens. If you stay at a location that uses pillows of synthetic or even duck down feathers, you run the risk of an allergy flare up while on your trip. If you are already using a hypoallergenic pillow such as hypodown, it can throw your allergies off track and pretty much ruin your trip. With your own pillow especially chosen for this need, you can avoid it for a better trip.

2. Cleaner

One of the best reasons to travel with your own pillow is that it is usually cleaner than the hotel pillow. With all the investigations on how well hotels really clean the bed linens, it is a no-brainer to bring your own pillow. There have even been studies on this topic that show housekeeping doesn’t change the pillowcases from one guest checking out and another guest checking in. Why even risk it?

3. Avoid harsh detergents on hotel pillows

Even if the hotel did wash your pillowcase, they probably did so with a harsh detergent to get a deep clean. While getting a deep clean is great, the harsh detergent can lead to skin irritations, or potentially be laden with harmful chemicals you would rather not have your head come into contact with. With your own pillow, you know what was used to clean it and how it affects your health.

4. Better support

Most hotel pillows are on the flat side. They offer little in the way of support for your neck. If you have your own contoured or even non-contoured pillow that still offers the support you need, don’t expect to find it automatically in a hotel. While some hotels are stepping up their game in this area, it still leaves a lot to be desired for those looking for the right level of support they are accustomed to at home.

5. Sleep whenever you want

The final reason you should be traveling with your own pillow is that you can rest wherever you want! Perfect for planes, trains, and cars (as long as someone else is doing the driving), your pillow can give you a great way to catch some shut-eye while traveling.