About COYUCHI’s Fabrics


Dyeing Process
Low-impact fiber-reactive dyes are synthetic dyes that chemically bond directly to fiber molecules. The fixation or absorption rate of low-impact dyes is between 70-90% creating less waste water runoff and therefore a lower impact on the environment. They also require less water and less heat than other chemical dyes. Recent advances have created fiber-reactive dyes with colors that are brighter and richer, and they provide excellent colorfast properties on cotton. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and they meet all European Union criteria for being an eco-friendly pigment. 

Low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes have become the dye choice for many organic clothing manufacturers who want a diverse palette of vibrant colors. Depending upon the nature and degree of their chemical sensitivities, people with mild chemical sensitivities can often wear organic clothing with fiber-reactive dyes. Undyed, natural color or color-grown fabrics are the best choice for people who react to fiber-reactive dyes or who want only pure fabrics on their skin.

Fabric care

100% Cotton, Cotton/Linen, 100% Linen
All COYUCHI cotton& linen products are machine washable. We recommend using warm water and non-phosphate soap in the washing cycle, with a cool tumble or line dry. The use of bleaching agents may diminish the brilliance and depth of the colors, so our recommendation is to not use any whiteners.

For cashmere/cotton hand wash in cool water, using a mild liquid detergent. Air dry flat out of direct sunlight. Use a warm iron if needed. Do not bleach. Do not wring or twist.

COYUCHI’s wool blanket is machine washable in cold water, on a gentle or delicate low spin cycle. Use mild liquid detergent, do not bleach, to not wring or twist. Wool blankets should be air-dried. Do not machine dry, since heat can damage wool fibers. Store wool blankets in a tightly-sealed bin or heavy plastic bag to protect against pests. Add cedar chips for extra protection.