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Brahms Mount

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Classically beautiful, wonderfully comfortable and grounded in the authentic character of the centuries-old textile tradition of Maine, Brahms Mount has been capturing the hearts of customers since the company was founded in 1983.

They are a leader in carrying on the Maine textile tradition.  Their blankets and throws are woven by local artisans on antique shuttle looms that have stood the test of time. To achieve their vibrant colors, they use specially engineered yarns spun from the finest natural fibers and colorfast, eco-friendly dyes.

Brahms Mount is proud to play a role in keeping American manufacturing alive and well, and is also proud to produce pieces that feel clean and untreated, rich and resilient.

Brahms Mount History

Brahms Mount Textiles was founded by Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount in the early ‘80s during a time when synthetics such as acrylic and spun poly were making headlines. Claudia and Noel were determined to bring back American manufacturing, in addition to natural fibers and classic designs.

Working out of a mill overlooking the Kennebec River, the first pieces to come off the production line were made of proprietary yarns spun from natural flax, wool and cotton fibers. The pieces were woven by a core staff of skilled local craftspeople using antique shuttle looms—the backbone of Maine’s textile tradition since the 1800s.

These heirloom-quality blankets and throws caught the attention of customers looking for something more wholesome, distinctive, and enduring.

In 2009, the company was renamed to Brahms Mount, and by 2013, Brahms Mount’s talented team of artisans had outgrown its original headquarters and had moved down the road to Monmouth, Maine. New fibers and product offerings were added, and the company expanded on a national and global scale. In short order, Brahms Mount was on the map with the hallmarks that still define the brand today: fine craftsmanship, superior quality, iconic style.