A recently established company, LinenCasa, is fast becoming a recognized leader for stonewashed linen products such as bath and kitchen towels, sheets, and personal items such as tote bags and even bread bags.

The husband-and-wife team of Marco and Tanya is committed to producing easy-care, durable, and beautiful linen products in the most sustainable ways possible. Because of their love for linen, they have become “linen evangelists,” educating all about linen products’ benefits, attractiveness, and practicality. Every LinenCasa product is made to last for years, providing beauty and productivity to your home.

The linen used in the LinenCasa products is spun from flax that is locally grown in Europe. Also, it is made of linen fabric that is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified (product class II)

What is stonewashed linen? It used to be that linen was stonewashed just as the name says, by literally washing the linen with stones.  As one would imagine, this method is hard on both the linen and the machine!  Today’s stonewashed linen is washed with enzymes that soften the linen.  This makes it much easier to care for.  In addition, linen products are lint-free and anti-bacterial.

Because the stonewashed linen is pre-washed to make the linen soft and textured, these products will not shrink in the wash. In fact, LinenCasa’s stonewashed linen will grow softer with each wash. Easy care – just machine wash and dry – no ironing needed!

In the end, these products are beautiful, easy-care, and durable! Your investment in LinenCasa linen will serve you and your home for many years.

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