Sachi Organics has designed and manufactured high-quality pillows to enrich and sustain the planet and those who inhabit it.

A commitment to local sourcing

With their commitment to sourcing materials locally from family farms, Sachi organic bedding supports American farmers, utilizing raw products from farms in Texas, South Dakota, and California. They have built a solid network with organic farmers and trusted organic suppliers with their commitment to use socially responsible mills as part of an effort to stimulate local agriculture economy and ensure quality control. The only exception to this American-made collection is Kapok from the silk plant which is imported. All-natural wool, organic buckwheat and millet hulls, organic cotton, natural kapok and natural latex — these are the materials you will find in Sachi pillows. When you order a Sachi Organics pillow, you are buying a pillow made with the purest, highest quality, certified organic and natural raw materials available.
Handstuffed, machine stitched.

Each pillow is made individually, hand stuffed and machine stitched for a remarkable attention to detail and overall quality. Mentioned in the New York Times, Sachi pillows are proudly made in New Mexico, USA. If the commitment found in their manufacturing process isn’t enough to win you over, consider the fact that their products contain no flame retardants and are chemical-free. We are pleased to bring you a diverse collection of pillows from this respected name in home goods. Finding the right pillow can drastically improve the quality of sleep you receive every night so you wake up refreshed.

With Sachi organic bedding, rest assured you are sleeping in luxurious comfort free of harmful toxins, chemicals, or pesticides. Their pillows offer the perfect mix of the need for support and softness required for comfort. With pillow sizes ranging from child and travel all the way to king sized options, finding the right pillow has never been easier. Pillows are available in a range of styles to meet your needs. Whether looking for a small pillow which will wrap around the neck to perfectly support the head, a pillow using wool filling for a hypoallergenic, dust mite proof solution, or a pillow with wool bolas for flexibility you can reposition to find the right position for a good night’s sleep, these pillows are sure to exceed your expectations. Many of these pillows are designed to be adjustable to give you the best balance of control and comfort.

Regardless of which type of pillow best suits your preferences, every option has been manufactured with the same level of care Sachi is synonymous with in the industry. Add exceptional quality to your night of healthy sleep with this reputable brand today! With a commitment to our valued customers and a wide selection, we are confident you will find everything you need for a healthier home free from toxins. If you have any questions while shopping, please reach out to us for assistance. Read More

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