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Under the Nile was founded 20 years ago because of a mom’s mission to find clothing for her babies at the time (not so little anymore now) that would not irritate their skin. The more she researched, the more convinced she became to start her own organic cotton baby clothing company that would not only benefit her children – but all children.

That mom is Janice Masoud.

With a background in fashion design and production, my journey began.

As I started to think about how I wanted to shape my company and the impact I wanted to have, it became clear to me that it was important to not only use organic cotton, but equally important to make my products sustainably and ethically.

I set out to Egypt to find a factory that mirrored my ethics and found the perfect partner in a farm north of Cairo. I loved everything about them – the way they ran their business, how they put the community’s welfare at the forefront, and their sustainability practices.

Together, we would set out to create a positive change for both the planet and people’s lives.

Our 13 Villages Project is a prime example. This project teaches women in rural villages how to make our fruit and veggie toys. When I first started the project and visited one of the villages, I remember seeing a mother who was making one of our carrot toys with a baby on her lap. It was the middle of winter and the baby had no socks or hat on his head. I remember asking how this could be. I soon found out that the mother was illiterate and didn’t think it was important to cover her baby. The next time I came back to visit her, I was happy to find her baby all grown up and with something on his feet and his head. Providing work and income for these women empowers them to transform themselves, their families and their communities.

Our world is constantly changing and here at Under the Nile, I am always looking for new innovations and new ways of doing things to move our company forward.

For the past 20 years, I have continued to stay true to my mission and myself, by creating products that continue to provide work for people, while making Babies, Parents and Mother Earth ALL HAPPY.

Under the Nile is committed to providing the highest quality baby clothes in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, while demonstrating authenticity and transparency in our business practices.
Our philosophy is to enrich the planet and the lives of everyone involved with our business, from "cotton to customer".

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