Naturepedic Body Pillow

Experience the ultimate in comfort and safety with the Naturepedic MADE SAFE® certified body pillow. This pillow is ideal for side sleepers needing knee support and stomach sleepers seeking proper alignment. Encased in organic cotton sateen, it’s filled with eco-friendly PLA fiber from non-GMO sugarcane. Enjoy pressure point relief and reduced neck and joint pain without using polyurethane foam, memory foam, polyester fill, or chemical flame retardants.

  • Case: Organic cotton sateen
  • Batting:  Plant-based PLA fiber
  • MADE SAFE® certified
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Discover this MADE SAFE® certified Naturepedic body pillow that promises a healthier, safer, and more comfortable sleep experience! Perfect for side sleepers who crave a cozy embrace and extra knee support, as well as stomach sleepers who need proper alignment without neck strain.

This body pillow is encased in luxurious certified organic cotton sateen. It is filled with eco-friendly PLA fiber from non-GMO sugarcane. It provides exceptional pressure point relief and reduces neck and joint pain. Free from polyurethane foam, memory foam, polyester fill, and chemical flame retardants, it’s the ultimate full-body pillow for a restful night’s sleep.



OUTER FABRIC: OCS-certified organic cotton sateen

The casing of the Naturepedic Body Pillow is made from organic cotton sateen. Certified organic cotton is grown and processed without GOTS-prohibited pesticides and chemical treatments, offering a healthier alternative to synthetic fabrics and foams. You’ll love the luxurious feel of this stretch-knit fabric, which is soft to the touch and effortlessly conforms to your every curve for a relaxing night of sleep.

FILLING:  PLA plant-based filling

PLA is a high-performance synthetic fiber known for its resilience, moisture-wicking properties, and comfortable fluffiness. At Naturepedic, we formulate our PLA exclusively from non-GMO sugarcane. This sugarcane undergoes a fermentation process similar to yogurt production to create lactic acid. The lactic acid then forms a molecule called lactide. This lactide is crystallized to remove water and produce polylactide (PLA), a high-performance polymer. PLA meets the MADE SAFE® standard and is used in various industries, including food packaging and medical supplies.

Naturepedic Body Pillow Dimensions:

24″ x 54″ 


Outer casing is 100% organic cotton


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Pillow Options

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NameNaturepedic Body Pillow - Body Pillow OnlyNaturepedic Body Pillow - Pillowcase OnlyNaturepedic Body Pillow - Body Pillow and Case
pillow-optionsBody Pillow OnlyPillowcase OnlyBody Pillow and Case
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