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At The Clean Bedroom, we are honored to offer several options for adding Mulberry West bedding to your home. Our selection of Mulberry West bedding features the hallmarks of excellence this brand has had from the very beginning. We offer their silk comforter for a luxurious night of rest you can feel good about. We also offer their silk blanket for a lighter addition to your bed. Both options are available in various sizes to meet your needs, such as twin, queen, and king. These items are free from harsh toxins, chemicals, or flame retardants, so you get a clean sleeping solution to fit your healthy lifestyle. All of their options are naturally hypoallergic and antibacterial, thanks to the natural properties of silk. It is also ideal for body heat fluctuations because of the way silk handles changes in temperatures. When looking for a great solution for your restful night of sleep, this brand is definitely worth considering for your needs. Add the pleasures of silk to your next night of rest. Below, you can read the Lana Abrams story of how Mulberry West was founded.

The Mulberry West Story
by Lana Abrams, founder of Mulberry West®
About five years ago, I took a tour of Beijing and Shanghai, China. I stayed in four- and five-star hotels that had beautiful and comfortable silk-filled comforters on the beds. I took a tour of a silk factory to learn how these were made. I thought that these would do well in the states with the right quality control and marketing.
Then, three years ago, I hit menopause. Like so many women, I suffered from hot flashes and night sweats. I searched for a lightweight yet cozy covering that I wouldn’t have to keep throwing off and putting on again. I remembered the silk comforters in China, so I ordered one online. I was disappointed in the quality of the silk filling and the outer shell. I then decided to design my own line of luxurious yet affordable bedding that I would name Mulberry West.
I did extensive research and got samples from several Chinese manufacturers. So many samples had lower grade silk than advertised or even contained polyester. Many were packaged in toxic plastic that contained BHP and PVC.
I wanted to offer a premium product that I could be proud of. This led me to hand-sourcing the highest quality mulberry silk available and 300-thread count unbleached polished cotton. I designed the Mulberry West packaging to be handy carrying cases made of 100% recyclable non-woven material with side-gussets for viewing. Then I had Intertek, an international inspection company, certify the Grade A mulberry silk, unbleached polished cotton, and packaging for purity — no formaldehyde, bleach, or lead. We are committed to the utmost ethical and reputable manufacturing processes.

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will assist you in finding the right selection for your needs.

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