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Why a kapok pillow?

Many of us struggle to get out of bed each morning largely due to a poor night’s sleep. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can easily result in a sore neck and morning headaches. You can be plagued with allergic reactions from dust mites, mold or mildew build-up in your pillow.

For a soft, sumptuous, and healthy sleep, consider an organic kapok pillow. A gentle alternative to other materials, kapok fiber grows from the pods of the kapok tree (ceiba pentandra) and is also known as “silk cotton.” It has one-fifth the density of cotton, adding a light and fluffy feel to pillows while also offering superior softness for a great night of rest. The fiber is also resistant to water, helping wick away moisture for a more comfortable dry sleep, which is essential for those that tend to sleep warm throughout the night. This type of fiber is utilized by a few trusted brands on the scene to offer lasting comfort and high-quality performance you need for a restful night of sleep. Choose from brands such as Sachi Organics and Savvy Rest, two of the most trusted names in the industry, both known for delivering high-quality solutions to meet the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.

We offer several options for adding a kapok pillow to your bedding collection. The matter of size is important to ensure you get a solution perfect for your comfort needs. With an inventory spanning sizes such as small, standard, queen, and king, you are sure to find an option perfect for your needs. We even offer this innovative pillow type as body pillows for side sleepers looking for more comfort throughout the night. These high-quality products feature the best of high standards manufacturing throughout every aspect such as being handmade right here in the USA, 100% organic cotton shells for added peace of mind and comfort built to last, hypoallergenic properties perfect for allergy sufferers, and more. Organically harvested and fair traded for a conscientious sleeping choice, these products offer a chance to experience the superior comfort and quality of an organic kapok pillow while meeting all of your high standards. We even offer these in a travel pack for comfort you can take anywhere life may take you. We offer these options in thick, extra thick, and adjustable options to help you find the cushioning factor that is right for your individual preferences. When looking for the feel of down but without the allergen factor, this is a great choice. Add this superior comfort to your next night of sleep now.

At The Clean Bedroom, we are your source for a wide range of organic products from the top brands in the world. With a focus on only bringing you items from companies with reputations for excellence in terms of safe, natural manufacturing, we are confident you will find the perfect choice for your personal needs. If you have any questions while shopping our extensive selection, please contact us for further assistance today.

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