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Why an air purifier? Every day we typically inhale the equivalent of two heaping tablespoons of airborne particles that our bodies must process and eliminate. The smallest of these particles can be inhaled and end up settling deep inside the lungs in areas where the body’s natural mechanisms can’t remove them and this in turn can cause the greatest harm. Air purifiers draw in these particulates and filter them out of the air you breathe. The effectiveness of air cleaners in removing pollutants from the air depends on both the efficiency of the device itself e.g., the percentage of the pollutant removed as it goes through the device and the amount of air handled by the device. For example, a filter may remove 99% of the pollutant in the air that passes through it, but if the airflow rate is only 10 cubic feet per minute – cfm, it will take a long time to process the air in a typical room of 1000 cubic feet.

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