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Not sleeping is a badge of honor in American Culture! Why!?

By siteadmin 2 years ago 340 Views No comments

Why do we wear “not sleeping and functioning” as a badge of honor in America? Why is it considered cool and impressive to walk into a breakout session while away on a company retreat and say “We went from the dinner to the club and then to breakfast this morning. I just showered and came down to the meeting.” How many times have heard this while away at a conference? Why have truck drivers been embracing the macho idea of being able to drive from New York and California and back without stopping? It starts at an early age. We finish our term papers and go to class in high school without sleeping. We see our parents go without sleep and go to work day in and day out. We go to college and stay out all night and then crash on our bed for a few hours and run to class while scarfing down a donut and a cup of coffee to stay awake for the morning lecture.