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All You Need To Know About Pillow Care

There is no real comparison to having a good comfy bed and pillows to sleep on every night, and the more care you take of them, the better sleep you can get. One of the biggest hindrances to proper sleep is not having the right kind of pillow. Usually, pillows are designed to fit a number of specific positions that one would sleep in. There are pillows specifically made for those who sleep on the side, and pillows specifically for those who sleep on their back. Understanding the different aspects of a pillow is something that is incredibly beneficial, not just when trying to buy a pillow, but also when trying to handle its upkeep.

In this article, we are going to cover all of the basic questions that one would have regarding pillows, which can hopefully help you when making your decision on which to purchase, and can help you maintain your pillows for longer.

One of the first things that people often wonder when it comes to this kind of a product is how they are supposed to wash it. Because pillows are used on a daily basis, they are prone to getting dirty a lot faster as compared to other things in your room, which is why one must take an adequate amount of care with them. When it comes to this kind of a product, the manner in which you wash it will differ depending on the kind of material that is being used. For example, a normal pillow is safe to wash in a washing machine, and can also be put into a dryer. A memory foam pillow, on the other hand, needs to be washed with room temperature water by hand, since the washing machine can break the form of the pillow.
Cleaning pillows are not the same as washing them, even though the act of washing leads to clean pillows. Pillows should ideally be washed once every four months, but during those four months, a pillow is always going to be prone to dirt and dust. Sleeping on something that has dust on it on a regular basis is not something that is ideal for your health, and is something that can be easily worked around. Every night before you go to bed, beating your pillows to remove any kind of dust is usually the way to go. Be sure to do this away from your bed to prevent the dust from settling on it. Regularly changing the pillow cover is also something that is incredibly important, because it can help keep your pillow cleaner for longer. Changing up your pillow cover every week is an incredibly hygienic practice, and is something that should be done.
If you have decided to buy a new pillow, the next thought that may occur to you is what you should do with the older pillows that you have. Keeping them in some kind of storage is not only unnecessary but also something that takes up a lot of space. If you have already decided to buy a new set of pillows, bidding farewell to them once and for all is the best way to go. Most places that take clothing donations do not take in old pillows for hygienic purposes, but animal shelters are always ready to take them. Pillows are unfortunately nonrecyclable, which is why they should not be put into recycling bins. When disposing of these, make sure that they are kept in a bigger plastic bag which makes it easy to see what is inside. If you don’t want to part ways with your pillows, there are several DIYs that you can try out and make use of them.
One of the most common types of pillows that people tend to own is feather pillows. These are the generic pillows that most of us already have in our homes. The good news about this kind of pillow is that it is the easiest to tend to, and can be washed in a washing machine. One of the first things that you need to do before you toss it in the washer is to remove the pillowcase. This is something that should ideally be washed and dried separately. The next thing you need to do is check your pillows for any rips or holes. If there are any, leaving them unattended would prove disastrous in the washing machine, causing all of the feathers in it to spurt out, creating a huge mess. The next step is to put your pillows into the washing machine. Normally, putting two at a time is enough to clean them thoroughly. The next step is to add in the soap and get started. After your wash is done, you can put the pillows into the dryer for a while, or even air dry them out.
A down pillow is a specific kind of product that is made of animal parts. The feathers are usually made from some kind of birds like ducks, and other parts of the pillows are made from animals as well. Overall, these pillows tend to be more expensive, and need a lot more careful when trying to wash them. Because of their filling, these can be especially delicate to work with and are more prone to damage as a result of improper washing. Normally, the tag on the pillow will tell you whether or not this is something that can be washed in the washer, or needs to be washed by hand. If it is something that can be washed in a washing machine, then washing it the same way as you would with regular pillows will usually suffice. If the label states that the pillow should be hand washed, then using the washer can sometimes damage it and render it unusable.
The brand or store that you buy your pillow from will make a huge difference in the comfort that you experience. Stores generally sell just a few main categories of pillows, but these can differ in comfort depending on how they are made. There are two main places where pillows can be bought from. One of those places is a physical store. There are several mattress and pillow stores all over that give customers products that are well designed and functional. The second place where one can get good quality pillows is from an online store. Because online stores don’t have any kind of space or inventory restrictions, they tend to offer a much wide range of products that can suit multiple needs. When buying pillows online, it is important to opt for a store that is well reputed and is known for offering good quality pillows. is one site, in particular, that is known to offer incredibly good products at competitive prices.
Throw pillows aren’t too different from regular pillows, especially when it comes to their make and their constituents. Throw pillows are smaller than regular pillows, but still, need more or less the same kind of care to keep them in good condition. If you feel like your throw pillows need some care, washing them is the best way to restore their goodness. If you are looking to wash them, don’t forget to pay attention to the kind of material that they are made of. Feather pillows, even when in the form of throw pillows, can be washed just like regular feather pillows in the washing machine. Memory foam and down feather throw pillows need to of course be washed by hand, and need special care when trying to tend to them.
If you want to take good care of your pillows, knowing exactly when to change them and wash them is essential. The duration for which you should keep your pillow before you can change it up largely depends on your sleeping habits. Usually, changing your pillow once ever three years is a good way to keep them in good condition, and to give your head and neck the best support that it needs. However, if you have a memory foam pillow, these can last for a whole lot longer because of the constituents that it is made of.