A question of balance

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A million articles have been written about the importance of a good night’s sleep. We all know what it feels like when we can’t sleep. We all know how well we perform when we don’t get a good night’s sleep. We all know what it feels like to be tired and lack motivation and focus. We put our children to bed at 7 pm or 8 pm because we know how important it is for them to get a good nights sleep yet we are up until 1 am liking pictures on Pinterest or Facebook or trying to understand why everyone uses such strange usernames on Instagram…?

Seriously… How do even the older users somehow know that you are supposed to pick some random username vs using your real name? I don’t get it? Facebook. Twitter. Etc; We all use our names. Why does everyone use a crazy name on Instagram?

Sorry… I had to get that out. Now I feel better. Okay. Back to my sleep soapbox.

We all know we need to eat healthily and exercise. Some people will drop $100 on one bag of groceries at Whole Foods and drop $500 a year on yoga and or workout gear alone but these same people will walk into a mattress store and say: "I only want to spend $1,000.00." People in the wealthiest towns in the US will walk into mattress stores looking for a bed for $1,000.00! Do they arrive in a Land Rover or BMW X5 wearing Loro Piana & Yves St Laurent and think their mattress should cost $1,000.00? Their Hermes handbag cost more than our most expensive mattress.

People will spend $1500 a year on a Crossfit gym membership and sleep on a $600 bed. They will eat salmon and Tilapia and avoid carbs and sleep on a cheap mattress.

I get it… We all have our "trading up" preferences. Some of us think it’s okay to spend $4,000 on our golf clubs. Some of us love our cars and the status it brings or the exhilaration it offers because of its 0-60 time. Because we love our cars we’ll spend and keep spending. Some of us are foodies and will splurge and go to Jean Georges once a year for an anniversary and spend $1200 on dinner. Some of us love our kitchens and want nothing but the best. Viking appliances. Le Creuset or Mauviel cookware.

You are in the gym for 30-90 minutes. You are at dinner for maybe 60 minutes. You are in your car for 30-60 minutes. You are in bed for 360-480 minutes. Listen to your body. Listen to your brain. You need to recoup and recover every night. It is so important. Do not bargain hunt for a mattress. It is wise to do your homework and wait for a sale but don’t cheap out.