Better sleep for the new season

Sleep Tips

A change of season bring a lot of new things around; we usually tend to try and reflect those differences in our daily life and in the objects we use. These include setting goals that are different or revised from the previous season’s plan, shedding unnecessary weight to match the new clothes, and changing friends, amongst other things. However, a salient aspect of our lives which we should — but rarely do — pay enough pay attention to is the quality of the sleep that we get every day. The one condition that makes sleep great is where a person sleeps. That, my friend, is your mattress.

TropicsMost sleeping tips around better sleep (including our own) are centered around changing your entire bed if you’re not getting either enough, comfortable or safe sleep. Of course, it is important however to keep the mattress up-to-date. But changing your mattress is expensive, time-consuming, challenging and finally, not very ecological. A little tweak in your bed setting can make all the needed difference. In this article, we will suggest three ways you can sleep better without necessarily changing your mattress.

Get frames that are adjustable

You may have a sleeping position that you prefer. Consider getting an adjustable frame for your bed, so that your body can be at your preferred height and position.

Get new beddings and pillows


You do not have to change your entire bed to give yourself the feeling of sleeping on a new one now and then. All you have to do is change your sheets, and your bed will feel just like new. Your old sheets may be ill-fitting for your mattress, or your pillows do not provide the level of support that makes you comfortable. A change in these two items would be sufficient to do all the magic necessary to improve your sleep.

Get toppers for your mattress

Your mattress may have gotten a little bit loose or maybe too firm, depending on its construction. In that case, you can get a mattress topper to make it instantly more comfortable. This accessory will give you the feeling of a brand new mattress, at a much cheaper rate, and it is also a good way to save your bed from ending up in the recycling bin too early.


Overall, taking charge of your comfort by improving the quality of sleep that you get is a great move. It, however, should not be all about changing your mattress, just a little bit of effort can bring about all the changes that you want. Other steps you could take include, not eating when it is late, maintaining a healthy practice and living. With not so much efforts, these little things could make your sleep through this year be the best sleep ever.