Meet the Brands: Holy Lamb Organics

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What is Holy Lamb Organics about?

Holy Lamb Organics LogoHoly Lamb Organics specializes in environmentally sound bedding basics made of all-natural materials. Their mission is: "To create beautiful, sustainably handcrafted products using all-natural and organic materials for a healthy, eco-friendly life and home."

Holy Lamb Organics takes their responsibility seriously – responsibility to the environment, social responsibility, and responsibility to their staff and customers. Along with being a zero-waste company, they are also a chemical-free environment. Their consistency and commitment to their company values are both inspiring and striking. All of their products are handmade with care in Oakville, WA using only the finest ingredients for a final result sure to safeguard your health against toxins, chemicals, and pesticides.


School bus used as first Holy Lamb Organics location
First Holy Lamb Organics location

Founded as a home-based, owner-operated, one-product business, Holy Lamb Organics had its humble beginnings in a reconfigured school bus! When the original owner and founder was looking for a travel pillow to take on a backpacking trip to the Redwoods, she was disappointed in the quality of the ones she found. She decided to make her own, and Holy Lamb Organics was born. First, they began as a company committed to zero-waste, handcrafted pillows from all-natural materials. Soon, their product line expanded to include comforters, toppers, and pet beds – all made with clean, natural wool.

Holy Lamb began as a woman-owned company and continues to utilize women in key positions.

The Next Generation

Jason and Mindy Schaefer, owners of Holy Lamb Organics
Jason and Mindy Schaefer, owners of Holy Lamb Organics

Enter Jason and Mindy Schaefer. When the original owner needed to move on, Jason and Mindy were happy to take the helm. Their interest in natural bedding and mattresses began in 2011 when Mindy encountered persistent medical issues. To find a solution, they tried many things – air purifiers, getting the dogs out of the bedroom, and other remedies. As time went on, Mindy was finding it difficult to focus on her work due to the medical issues she was experiencing. Finally, they realized that it might be the mattress they had recently purchased. Sure enough – after switching their mattress, her health problems were alleviated. Because of this experience, Jason and Mindy wanted to work with a clean, green company. They were familiar with Holy Lamb Organics and were happy to step into running a company that was making clean and sustainable products.

Working at Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb began as a woman-owned company and continues to utilize women in key positions. Mindy runs the production area, which is predominantly female. They are careful about the quality and catching any errors, treating the products as if they were going to their own home. The employees enjoy a true sense of community and of working together for a cause. Also, there is an organic garden that they work on together at their production location.

Because they are a zero-waste company, they use any scraps created in production for things like pet beds. In addition, they are a scent-free and chemical-free facility. This makes their products perfect for those who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Along with this, they use materials that are pure and eco-friendly.  As you peruse their products, you will find adjustable and supportive sleep pillows, and plush toppers. You will even find an innovative dual-weight comforter that you can customize so each side is a different warmth!

The future of Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics will celebrate its 20th year in business this year. As the company continues to grow, they will be working on updating its branding. They will also continue to work on sourcing materials for their products. If you are looking for a brand that has a firm commitment to all-natural, non-toxic products, as well as taking seriously their environmental responsibility, Holy Lamb Organics fits the bill perfectly. Their motto is "No dyes, no chemicals, no synthetics, and no counting sheep!" Their full and interesting story, as well as links to all of their sustainable products, can be found here on their brand page.