Meet the Brands: Sferra Italian Linens

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Luxurious Italian Linens

The beginnings of Sferra take us back to the year 1891 in Italy, when Gennaro Sferra first traveled to America in a cross-Atlantic steamer. He and his sons were true leaders within the textile industry, setting a high standard for quality linens. In the beginning, they worked to master the textile craft, perfecting their technical know-how.  Soon, their linens became a gold standard for luxury linens. Around the world, no linens could compare to Italian woven linens. One of the reasons for this was the high quality of the materials they used for their linens.

SFERRA Materials

Sferra sources only the finest materials to make its luxurious linens.  In fact, they are renowned for sourcing the world’s choicest natural fibers.  Because of the excellence of their materials, they are able to create linens of incredible quality and extraordinary comfort. The company was the first to introduce bed linens woven from Giza 45, coveted as the highest Egyptian cotton grade. Also, they pioneered the use of long-staple cotton in percale bed sheets. Some of these linens were the precursors to what is now the Celeste Collection, the most celebrated (and popular) of all SFERRA linens for more than 20 years. These popular percale linens turn the everyday into the extraordinary!

Italian artisans are masters of their craft, respected throughout the world.  Theirs is a rich history, grounded in more than three centuries of small, family-owned textile mills dotting the Alpine foothills in the North of Italy, where SFERRA linens are still crafted today. They continue a heritage of unparalleled excellence.

Attention to detail

Attention to each detail is another factor that sets Sferra apart. Linens are generously sized to give a lavish turn-back on flat sheets.  Fitted sheets are made with an all-around elastic for a snug fit that will last. Duvet covers feature corner ties to hold duvets securely in place. These details impart quality and make Sferra linens convenient to use as well as beautiful to own.

Sferra – more recent developments

Sferra, as a company, has continued to innovate and improve. In 2001, after two years of development and refinement, Sferra introduced the first-ever 1,020-thread-count linens.
In 2008, the company debuted a world-exclusive Egyptian cotton bedding with its suite of SFERRA Giza 45® Collections. These were woven from a special genus of extra-long-staple cotton, revered as the rarest of all fine cotton known extravagantly as the ‘Queen of Egyptian Cotton.’ The percale, sateen, and jacquard fabric woven from this cotton have taken up residence in the company’s pantheon of best sellers.  Because of this, Sferra is developing a devoted and loyal fan base of fine linen connoisseurs throughout the world.

Sferra – Luxury, comfort, and beauty

The Sferra brand is a name synonymous with luxury, with beauty and comfort woven into every product they make. Generous sizing, fine tailoring, excellent craftsmanship, and diligence in detail set apart every product.  Their items are an investment in luxury and quality, as well as the satisfaction and comfort you will feel from having such beautiful linens.
To learn more about Sferra, visit their brand page.