Here at The Clean Bedroom, we carry the finest natural, toxin-free mattresses & bedding in the world. Every product for your bed is constructed from natural materials responsibly harvested from sustainable resources. Each month we shine the spotlight on one of the raw materials found in our healthy mattresses and bedding products. This month we feature kapok fiber! It is known as one of nature’s softest fibers. But what is it? And where does it come from?

The hearty and amazing Ceiba tree produces a silky batting, commonly used in natural pillows and bedding.

Kapok is a fine, fibrous cotton-like substance that grows inside the seedpods of the Ceiba tree. We find the kapok tree throughout the Neotropics, from southern Mexico to the southern Amazon and even parts of West Africa. Because the unopened fruit won’t sink when submerged in water, many believe the kapok tree’s fruit floated its way from Latin America to Africa. This hearty and amazing tree produces a silky batting, commonly used in natural pillows and bedding.


Kapok fibers are hollow, which helps them function as a thermo-regulator. The fiber is also resistant to water, helping wick away moisture for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


Many pillows these days are filled with unhealthy synthetics that break down quickly. Sleeping healthier means choosing bedding made from truly natural materials. To this end, kapok fiber does not need to be treated with chemicals or heavy detergents that are more commonly used in conventional bedding.

Hypo-Allergenic Down Alternative

Kapok is naturally hypo-allergenic and provides the same luxurious feel of down bedding but without the allergens. Kapok is also resistant to mold and mildew. If you love the soft comfort of down pillows but want to breathe easier at night, then it’s time to try kapok pillows.


Also known as “silk cotton,” kapok is the lightest natural fiber in the world, with a density nearly five times as light as cotton. Kapok fill makes pillows feel firm yet plump and comfortable. Plus, many kapok pillows are adjustable, too, so you can tailor the fill for your personal comfort.