Setting your priorities straight

Sleep Tips

Why do we feel like we need to budget for a bed? Why is it okay to pay monthly for a gym membership but we feel like we need to pay for a mattress up front? Of course, we put it on our credit card but we also look at is a lump sum purchase instead of an investment in our health.

We buy life insurance and pay a monthly fee. We buy a gym membership and pay a monthly fee. We buy a car and most of us end up with a monthly payment. We spend a third of our lives on a mattress and our bodies recover and heal while we are sleeping yet we think of it as a one lump sum purchase.

If you are a fitness freak, you understand the value of a nutritionist to achieve your personal goals. You understand the importance of healthy balanced diet. Bodybuilders spend thousands of dollars each month on protein, supplements, gym memberships, personal trainers, nutritionists but so many sleep on horrible mattresses. What is great is you will hear this from every personal trainer: "Growth happens during rest." Did you read that, ladies and gentlemen? Are you paying attention bodybuilders? "GROWTH OCCURS WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING"

I can see a bunch of gym rats saying to themselves: "Damn. I should sleep all day and lift for 90 minutes and I will be huge…" The point of my story is this: You invest in your training, dieting, and supplements but your bedroom is most likely a mess. Your bedroom should be insanely clean and perfect with a mattress that costs more than your protein supplements and your monthly egg white bill. Your bedroom should be treated like the temple that it is if growth occurs in this room and not the weight room. You wouldn’t work out in a gym without a squat rack or a dumbbell rack that stops at 35 lbs, so why is your mattress treated like a 3rd string quarterback?

Your bed should be as clean and perfect as your diet. Your mattress is like a cheat meal. The problem is that you are eating a massive cheat meal every time you get in your horrible mattress that was built and designed for someone that eats unhealthy and that doesn’t weigh their carbs and protein for 5 – 6 meals a day.