The Truth about Clean Bedding and Allergies

Allergy Relief Organic Bedding

When it comes to natural bedding, a lot of people assume that they are allergic to down and feather, which is also known as “natural fill.” In fact, they are allergic to the dust on the down and feather, not the components themselves.


This mistaken assumption is a fundamental misunderstanding, and it is why people stay unnecessarily away from naturally filled bedding. The fact is that individuals who suffer from allergies should instead use bedding filled with down and feather since it can be easily washed from time to time.

The down and feathers are not the sources of the allergy reactions. It is the dust they harbor that triggers the symptoms. There are two causes of allergic reactions in naturally filled bedding:

1) Improper processing of the down and feathers. During the manufacturing process of the down and feathers, dander, dirt, and mites remain in the fill.

2) Accumulated allergens in the home. Allergens are mostly found in the bedroom, especially dust and dander, and they are found mainly in the bedding.

A process called Hyperclean is used to ensure that the down and feather fill meets the highest cleanliness standards during processing. Before the natural fill ships, the feather and fill first goes through a sterilization process. The fill is then washed and re-tested until it meets the highest purity standards.

Giant washers clean the fill with a gentle, biodegradable soap. After the washing process, the material goes into equally large steam dryers. This process is repeated up to eight times to ensure the removal of dust, dander, and dirt. The down and feather fill is inspected again and, if it passes, it gets bundled for use in the manufacturing process.


The cleanest fills are made to ensure a good quality of sleep and purchasing the most sanitary fills is not all there is to combating allergies. What ensures that the allergens stay away from are through the regular washing of the bedding. Duvet covers, feather bed protectors, and pillow covers are a few of the materials with which bedding can be protected from dust and dander.

Also, to ensure that allergic reactions are allayed, buying bedding from a trusted and reliable brand helps too. Regular washing of bedding also keeps it new always and keeps those allergens at bay.