With the growing concern about the effects of the harmful pesticides, chemicals, and toxins found in average bedding and mattresses, more and more consumers are looking for healthier, safer and comfortable alternatives.

While you may have heard about the benefits of making such a switch, finding a natural mattress or organic bedding can often be difficult. We have gathered what we feel are the best of the best in natural and organic mattresses and bedding. Our staff, with over 100 years of combined experience in the business are available to educate you in person, in one of our stores, via phone or through chat. We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have about our products.

If you have decided that you value your health, the planet, and the health of those you love enough to choose a better alternative, we are your organic mattress and organic bedding store. With a wide selection of the best brands in the industry, as well as a broad range of product types, we are confident you will be able to locate the perfect solution to meet your preferences.

Flame Retardants and Your Health

by katie,

What are flame retardants?Simply put, flame retardants do precisely what they say - inhibit the start or slow the growth of a fire. They are chemicals applied to combustible materials. Because upholstered furniture and mattresses are often the first household items to ignite in the…

How to Freshen Your Organic Wool Pillow

by katie,

When the seasons change, fall and spring, it is a great time to freshen your Obasan Organic Wool Pillow.  You will enjoy seeing how the natural fibers spring up and almost become like new again!These instructions will apply to an Obasan wool pillow, but please…

Back Pain: How to Help

by katie,

The CDC indicates that at least 25% of Americans had reported lower back pain in the prior three months. Perhaps you are one of them, as back pain is a prevalent complaint in America.  You may wonder, what does my mattress have to do with…

How to Sleep Cool in a Heat Wave

by katie,

Hot, sultry, and sticky nights are frustrating when trying to get a good night of sleep.  If you don't have (or don't wish to use) air conditioning, you may be wondering how you can cool off.  Never fear. We have some time-tested, as well as…