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When looking at the choices available for organic mattresses, there are a few names worth trusting. A leader for their continued commitment to sourcing only the finest materials, Savvy Rest opened their first mattress store 15 years ago with the goal of creating safe, organic mattresses, sofas, bedding and more. The founder of the company, Michael Penny, was working at a futon factory when he became so obsessed with the harmful tactics used to create mattresses and futons that he was losing sleep every night. He began working with other innovative minds until Savvy Rest was born. A favorite with both consumers and those in the industry, Savvy Rest manufactures some of the purest and most comfortable organic mattresses and mattress toppers available. The company uses only pure organic wool, natural rubber, and organic cotton in the production of its mattresses. If you’ve been looking for a good night’s sleep on an organic mattress, Savvy Rest is the answer you need. Available with either organic Dunlop or natural Talalay latex, these Savvy Rest mattresses are some of our best sellers and for good reasons. With many models being fully customizable and budget friendly, these options are reasonably priced to allow for an organic solution to meet your needs. Made with comfort in mind, Savvy Rest mattresses feature pressure relieving designs to eliminate discomfort while providing the best in support. Best of all, these options are all made to be hypoallergenic with natural ingredients such as organic wool and cotton. Free from harsh chemicals, pesticides, and flame retardants, these products offer you a night of clean, healthy sleep you can feel good about. We offer several product types from this respected brand. When looking for a mattress, choose from various sizes, including twin, queen, and king, made with only the best in natural materials. When looking to improve the comfort and support of your existing mattress, choose from an array of mattresses toppers to accompany a range of sizes. Made with natural wool and organic cotton, these toppers help regulate body temperature throughout the night for a restful sleep. While toppers tend to be thicker to offer supreme comfort, when looking for a thinner option, we also feature mattress pads from this reputable brand. These pads are made of the same safe materials, including organically raised wool and unbleached cotton, and can help make an improvement in your mattress instantly. We also feature several of their popular pillows to add support and comfort where you need it most. Made with all-natural, organic fills in different levels of firmness, the pillows have features such as machine washable covers, hollow air channels to allow for optimal air flow, and more. Whether looking for a mattress or bedding accessories, it is hard to beat the overall quality and care put into every Savvy Rest product. We are honored to bring you the best brands on the clean-living front. If you have any questions while shopping, we would be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs. Read More

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