Why Labels Matter in Organic Products

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The importance of reading labels has become crystal clear over the years for dieting, health-conscious, and allergic populations. But how much can we trust labels, especially products we pay more for because of a certain label: like “organic?” This original article published in SALON magazine, which states that consumers need to be wary of organic certifications because of re-certification processes and errors in testing, was denounced by Only Organic in a July publication. Batcha, for Only Organic, states: The USDA reassesses certified products every 2.5 years. They must renew their accreditation every five years. We believe this process helps ensure they are inspecting and certifying organic operations accurately. If it’s found that they aren’t, they risk losing their accreditation. Bottom line: organic food goes through more rigorous approval and inspection than any other food on supermarket shelves. You can feel confident in your organic purchases. Similarly, the components that go into an organic mattress also have to be re-certified after a certain period. Our manufacturers, like the company that manufacturers our Naturally Organic line, for instance, provide us with updated testing results as this re-certification happens so that you can feel confident you are getting the "real deal" when it comes to organic and toxin-free sleep. Find and follow us across social media @thecleanbedroom for more organic, green living, and healthy sleep information.