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Five Organic Gifts under $60

By TCB Admin 3 months ago 566 Views No comments

How to give sustainable, eco-friendly gifts without breaking the bank? Here are five suggestions we love, all under $60! A few clicks and you're done!

glo Organics Organic Cotton Honeycomb Throw - $57.85 through 11/27 SOLD OUT

Who couldn't use a throw blanket to chase away the chills in winter? 100% Fair Trade certified & GOTS-certified organic cotton. A very cozy addition to your eco-friendly home. Available in Algiers Blue only.

The Belgian Linen Towel by Libeco - $38 - $41

This linen towel made of European flax makes an elegant 'thank-you' or hostess gift in either a fingertip towel size or guest towel size. Many color combinations to choose from! For over 150 years, the craftsmanship of weaving fine Belgian linen has been passed down from generation to generation at Libeco. As a family business, local sustainable production and high quality are the hallmarks of their work, which is exported throughout the world. The company became CO2 neutral in 2014.

Coyuchi Essentials Women's Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee - $48.00

We have many organic cotton apparel items - this is just one of them! Supersoft T-shirt crafted from 100% organic cotton. This shirt is a go to item with everything from jeans and shorts on casual days to a blazer or skirt at work. Available in three colors (and we also have a short sleeve version, if that is more to your liking!). Made from soft GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Sachi Organics Organic Buckwheat or Millet Hull Neck Cylinder Support Pillow - $45.47 with WRAP15 promo code through 11/27

If you are looking to shop small and support small businesses this season, Sachi fits the bill! These pillows are professionally handmade by a family that has been making them for over 30 years. All pillows are made from certified organic raw materials. The buckwheat hulls are grown on organic farms in South Dakota and the pillows are produced in New Mexico — hand stuffed and machine stitched for high quality. This pillow supports either neck or back and is totally adjustable for individualized support.

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Knit Jersey Infant Snuggle Sack - $58.00

Keep the baby in your life comfy and cozy with this adorable sleep sack by Coyuchi! Made of soft GOTS-certified organic cotton, it features a zipper opening for easy changes that parents will appreciate. Colors achieved with low-impact dyes. Blue with a cute hedgehog print. One size fits 0-6months (up to 26" length)

That's it - some of our favorites for (almost) everyone on your list!

Not sleeping is a badge of honor in American Culture! Why!?

By siteadmin 2 years ago 341 Views No comments

Why do we wear “not sleeping and functioning” as a badge of honor in America? Why is it considered cool and impressive to walk into a breakout session while away on a company retreat and say “We went from the dinner to the club and then to breakfast this morning. I just showered and came down to the meeting.” How many times have heard this while away at a conference? Why have truck drivers been embracing the macho idea of being able to drive from New York and California and back without stopping? It starts at an early age. We finish our term papers and go to class in high school without sleeping. We see our parents go without sleep and go to work day in and day out. We go to college and stay out all night and then crash on our bed for a few hours and run to class while scarfing down a donut and a cup of coffee to stay awake for the morning lecture.

Pillow Du Jour - Why am I so tired

By siteadmin 3 years ago 1313 Views 1 comment

How to find the right pillow....

The Magic Touch: How to Select a New Mattress

By siteadmin 3 years ago 379 Views No comments

Nobody is a mattress guru. Nobody is a mattress doctor. The only bedding expert is your body. Spend time on the bed and listen to your body.

Raw Material Spotlight: Kapok Fiber

By siteadmin 3 years ago 1021 Views No comments

by Teague Owings, Social Media Coordinator

There's a lot to love in February!

By siteadmin 3 years ago 277 Views No comments

by Teague Owings, Social Media Coordinator

The Clean Bedroom... on a Budget

By siteadmin 3 years ago 282 Views No comments

by Teague Owings, Social Media Coordinator

Stay Healthy This Summer

By siteadmin 4 years ago 205 Views No comments

by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

Why an Organic Mattress?

By siteadmin 4 years ago 151 Views No comments

by Chris Chamberlin, Co-founder of The Clean Bedroom 

Catching Up in Brooklyn

By siteadmin 4 years ago 214 Views No comments

by guest blogger Courtney Zwerver, Brooklyn Showroom Manager