The Magic Touch: How to Select a New Mattress

Organic Mattresses

Nobody is a mattress guru. Nobody is a mattress doctor. The only bedding expert is your body. Spend time on the bed and listen to your body.

Assuming there’s a mattress guru is like saying there is a nutritional guru or weight loss guru. We are all different. We all have to figure out what works best for our bodies and mind. Any competitive athlete will tell you that what works for one does harm to another. Any nutritionist that has been working with bodybuilders or pro athletes knows that what works for Mr. Jones is not going to work for Mr. Smith or Mrs. Davis. There are some givens — like weigh your food or eat balanced meals — but everything has to be tailored to the individual.

I know, I know…. it’s not what you wanted to hear. You can’t just call me and have me recommend a perfect mattress that will solve all your sleep issues. You cannot call me and wait for me to tell you which mattress you should buy that will get rid of all your aches and pains.

Today a woman called me, looking for a hybrid mattress. She wanted an innerspring bed with latex. On top of this, she wanted an individually pocketed coil innerspring that would work on an adjustable bed foundation. I was eager to know why she wanted this very specific hybrid bed. Of course, she wanted an organic mattress: why else would she have called me? The point I am trying to get to is coming. She said that her physical therapist recommended this type of mattress for her back pain. I told her that I thought she should get at least 2 other opinions. None of the doctors that I know personally would ever recommend and innerspring mattress for an adjustable bed mattress. I am not saying that Duxiana doesn’t make an excellent product: what I am going to say is that none of my friends that are doctors have ever slept on an innerspring adjustable bed and or an adjustable latex bed. This fact alone doesn’t empower them to make mattress recommendations.

If you are a marathon runner you don’t buy your first pair of marathon shoes without trying them out. Not only do you try them out first, you run short distances in them before going the full 26 miles. Even veteran runners and veteran shoe store owners know that every serious runner needs to try out a few pair of shoes before going the distance.

Unfortunately finding the right mattress is no different. You might think you want soft shoes but after you run a few miles and your knees hurt and your back starts to hurt, you realize you need a different level of support underneath your feet. Mattresses are the same. People come in every day, telling me "I want a soft bed," or "I want a firm bed." The touch the bed with their hands and look at me and say “this bed is too soft” I always laugh inside… because you would never consider trying food simply by touching it. Yet people think they can tell which bed they like by pushing down on it with their hands.