Pillow Du Jour – Why am I so tired

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How to find the right pillow….

If you think finding the right mattress is hard, trying shopping for a pillow. I switch pillows all the time. My bed is covered with a few different types of pillows. I have Ogallala down pillows in Soft and Medium firmness in queen size. I also have 2 king size decorative pillows in Kapok that I love. In my guest room. I have a potpourri of pillows from latex to shredded latex to wool and cotton. I very rarely use them but every once in awhile I will grab one and switch. You might be thinking to yourself. Of course, you have 1 of every pillow because you work for an organic bedding company. Unfortunately, this happened long before The Clean Bedroom was formed. After talking to friends and family and hundreds of customers I now know that I am not alone. Trying to find the right pillow is not easy.

I think people fall into a few main categories when it comes to pillow preferences and pillow consumption.

  1. Go back and forth between a couple different pillows that are on the bed you sleep on
  2. Buy a new pillow every 18-36 months. Pillow du jour is what I like to call it… “man, i wish I could speak french, LOL”
  3. Using the same pillow they had since they were a kid…!

Crazy…! Right! People on this planet have had the same pillow for 20 years! Their pillow has turned into their “security blanket” from childhood! The problem with the 10-25-year-old pillow is that it just cannot be replicated!! It’s like that perfect pair of old jeans or your favorite sweatshirt…! How about that 25-year-old baseball hat that you refuse to throw away! We all have items that we just can’t let go of because they feel just right. They do more than just feel right: they have been with us through thick and thin. Let’s be honest: your pillow sees and hears a lot. It sees intimate moments. It sees and feels your tears. It cradles you when you have the flu or you’re exhausted. Your pillow is a very important part of your life.

Don’t expect to find the perfect pillow by trying them out in the store. Of course, you must but you need to try a few pillows to get the perfect night’s sleep. I am not just saying this because I want you to buy more pillows. I am saying this because the quality of your sleep is vital to your health and well-being.

We spend more time looking for the perfect pair of sneakers or headphones or smartphone than we do for the perfect pillow. Let’s be clear here! A new smartphone costs $400-$800 and you pay another $720 a year to keep it connected. You buy chargers, headsets, protective cases, screen protectors but when you go look for the perfect pillow you cringe at spending $150 – $200 for a quality pillow.

I know I am biased and I am writing you from an organic bedding website, but even if I were just talking to you over dinner about the importance of quality shoes for running or a healthy diet, it’s important not to overlook where you spend your money and where you need to adjust your priorities.