by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

Our friends at Savvy Rest have some great tips for choosing the right pillow. With all the options available, how do you know which to choose? 


Rachel, Manhattan Showroom Manager for The Clean Bedroom, recommends an adjustable pillow for that reason! 

"A kapok pillow is great for people who love a soft huggable pillow that can be squished and matted to fit their needs. Though I have to say my favorite, which I have myself, is the OBASAN Saguenay 5.0 which is a wool and shredded latex combo. It has wool in a chamber on one side and the latex in a chamber on the other. I sleep with the shredded latex side up as I feel wool is too firm for my ear all night. The wool does provide great support for back sleepers, but as a side sleeper the shredded rubber over the wool is proving to be a great combo! The shredded pillow alone can be a little to soft, so the wool under holds it up to keep it both supportive and yet plush. For me it is the perfect fit!"

They key is being able to adjust the pillow to fit your needs.  Stop in to any of our showrooms across the US for a test-rest today, and have one of our sleep experts fit you with a pillow today. Not near a showroom? Call our customer service team for assistance at 866.380.5892. 

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