Cleaning Tips For Your Natural Linens

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The quality of your linens over time is dependent on how you get them cleaned. Getting quality, luxurious, soft fabrics must have cost you a sizable amount of money, and the only way to get the best out of the organic materials is by retaining the quality they came in when you bought them. There are three important things to note when having your fabrics and linens cleaned.

Gentle cycle if you are washing with a machine and use cold water

Cold water

Everybody knows cold water helps to keep the fabric in shape because cold water doesn’t shrink textiles. Even though products made from natural fibers are prone to shrinking, with cold water, the shrinking will be at the barest minimum, and your linens will not lose form or shape or size. Washing gently with cold water is guaranteed to keep your linens and fabrics in excellent condition for many years to come.

Do not apply fabric softener on your linen materials

white vinegar

A lot of people are always missing one salient point when it comes to using fabric softener which it the tendency of the fibers of your fabric getting ruined especially if the fabric softener is liquid. The threads are coated with the softener so they can feel softer, but the finish of the material is destroyed. The finish is part of what defines the quality of your fabric, and if ruined, then the fabric is a goner as well. An excellent alternative is a white vinegar. White vinegar will actually not get your cellular structure destroyed.

Don’t dry your linen for too long


A lot of fabrics can be dried with a machine, but caution is needed. Organic materials should not be dried too much so as to prevent breakage of the fibers. A proper procedure to follow when drying your linen is to actually take the laundry out of the dryer when it is still a little bit damp, then press with a warm iron.

Extra care and taking note of important things will actually go a long way to making sure your linen last long. It doesn’t matter how new your linens are, the above-listed tips will definitely keep your linens in top conditions and great shape for as long as you want.