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Cleaning Tips For Your Natural Linens

By siteadmin 2 years ago 199 Views No comments

The quality of your linens over time is dependent on how you get them cleaned. Getting quality, luxurious, soft fabrics must have cost you a sizable amount of money, and the only way to get the best out of the organic materials is by retaining the quality they came in when you bought them. There are three important things to note when having your fabrics and linens cleaned.

How to clean your wool pillow | Infographic

By siteadmin 2 years ago 180 Views No comments

Did you ever wonder how to clean your wool pillow? Here's how you do it. Enjoy!

Cleaning Without Chemicals? Yep!

By siteadmin 4 years ago 168 Views No comments

by guest blogger Rachel Button: Manhattan, NY Showroom Manager