How to Freshen Your Organic Wool Pillow

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When the seasons change, fall and spring, it is a great time to freshen your Obasan Organic Wool Pillow.  You will enjoy seeing how the natural fibers spring up and almost become like new again!

These instructions will apply to an Obasan wool pillow, but please follow your manufacturer’s instructions for yours. The type of wool and construction of the pillow will dictate your specific steps.

Step 1: Pillow cover off

Take off the outer pillow cover.  Obasan has a lovely knit outer cover, so the first step is to take this cover off.  It can be washed in the delicate cycle with cold water, or hand washed.  Always hang to dry – Never put it in the dryer!

Step 2: Open inner cover

Unzip the inner cover (if provided). If your pillow has an inner casing, as the Obasan does, unzip it to get to the wool inside.  This part can get a little messy, so do it over a table or outside!

Step 3: Pull the organic wool inside the pillow apart

Pull the inner wool apart with your fingers to fluff it up!  Wool tends to tamp down a bit with use, but it springs right up again when it is pulled apart. Do not ever wash the wool core.

Step 4: Sun your wool pillow

Put pillow in a sunny place for at least 2 hours. Sometimes you may need to get creative to find a place to put it where it will be undisturbed. Outside is great, but in the winter a sunny room with the window open to give the pillow fresh air works too.  You may want to put something underneath it so it stays clean.

Step 5: Wash the organic pillow cover

While the pillow is sunning, wash the pillow cover according to manufacturer directions. Delicate cycle, cold water, hang to dry for an Obasan – Or you can hand wash.

Step 6: Hang cover to dry

Hang outer cover to dry. Did I mention that the pillow cover should not go in the dryer? It may take up to a day to dry completely.

Step 7: Punch Your Wool Pillow!

“Punch” the pillow.  Giving it a good punching redistributes the filling and it refreshes the wool, too. Alternatively, to increase pillow loft, place the pillow in the dryer with two tennis balls, set the dryer on air, or the coolest setting. 

If you need more support from your pillow, you can contact us to get organic wool filling to add.

Step 8: Put Covers back on

When the outer cover is dry, put it back on. Then, put a separate pillowcase or pillow cover on. Even though the Obasan pillow comes with its own case, you may want to protect it with another pillowcase that can be machine washed and dried.  This will help the Obasan pillow to last as long as possible!

Your care instructions may vary if you do not have an Obasan pillow. Always follow your manufacturer’s instructions for your pillow.

We hope you will enjoy freshening up your pillow!  With good care, your pillow can last for years.