by Theresa Sirois, Social Media Coordinator 

I recently received my holiday edition of KIWI Magazine in the mail and decided I HAD to share with you this great article they published by Ginny Graves entitled: How Toxins are Changing Childhood. 

The article discusses how parents can fight back against this "silent pandemic" that is causing serious health problems in our current population, specifically children. 

Why are children so vulnerable? 

* Size. Children breathe more air, drink more water and eat more food than adults do. 

* Skin. The ratio of a child's skin surface to body weight is about three times greater than that of an adult. Babies' skin also more readily absorbs chemicals prior to developing the thick keratin layer that protects adult skin. 

* Respiration. Newborns take an average of 45 breaths per minute, which makes them much more vulnerable to airborne pollutants. (All the more reason to add an air purifier to your room or nursery!) 

* Metabolism. During adolescence, chromosomal changes make it easier for our bodies to metabolize different chemical substances. Prior to this, it is far more difficult for our bodies to expel outside chemicals and pollutants. 

* Diet. Children eat far more produce and drink far more juice than adults, which is great in theory. Except shopping for organic fruits and vegetables, and washing your produce is very important. The typical child is much more likely to have a higher exposure to pesticides than his/her parents. 

* Playing field. Crawling on carpets and furniture that are filled with toxins, grass that's been covered in additional pesticides, and airborne dust and other allergens make children a magnet for chemical exposure. 

* Behavior. Inevitably, our kids put far more things into their mouth than we do. 'Nuff said. 

The article, which is a must-read for all parents, goes on to explain the connection between these vulnerabilities and their connection to the current surge in childhood ailments and disorders. But don't worry, Graves gives you her top 9 things you can do to take action. I hope you take the time to read the full article and enjoy it as much as I did. 

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