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Meet the Brands: Brahms Mount

Weaving together comfort and tradition

In New England, a cozy blanket is a must-have item for most seasons of the year. In fact, many would say it is a necessity. When looking for a warm and comfortable throw for your home, the type of material used to make a blanket makes a difference. Experience the pure comfort and warmth of natural wool and cotton blankets with Brahms Mount! With all-natural fibers and incredible softness, a blanket from Brahms Mount is sure to be a treasured companion.  Even better, a Brahms Mount blanket is durable and resilient, providing coziness and satisfaction year after year.

Brahms Mount Monhegan throw draped over chair
Hand twisted fringe

Brahms Mount’s History

Brahms Mount has been in the textile business since the company was founded in 1983 by Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount. When they began, they were determined to bring back American manufacturing and classic design. With a firm commitment to natural fibers like flax, wool, and cotton, they steadily built a loyal following. Moreover, Brahms Mount’s natural textiles stood in contrast to synthetic fibers like acrylic and poly that were popular in the 1980s. Keeping the Maine textile tradition alive, their pieces are woven by a core staff of skilled local craftspeople using antique shuttle looms.

They spin their beautiful blankets from the finest natural fibers and achieve their colors with eco-friendly dyes for the least impact on the environment.

Brahms Mount Today

Brahms Mount Monhegan stack of cotton throws
Colors achieved with eco-friendly dyes

Beginning by working out of a mill overlooking the Kennebec River, they moved in 2013 to their current location in Monmouth, Maine. They weave each piece on an antique shuttle loom.  They are proud to play a role in keeping American manufacturing alive and well.

All designs originate at their headquarters in Maine. They are proud to produce pieces that feel clean and untreated, rich, and resilient. They spin their beautiful blankets from the finest natural fibers and achieve their colors with eco-friendly dyes for the least impact on the environment. Because of this, their textiles are uniquely American, sustainable, and wonderfully luxurious. Fun fact:  Each blanket is named after a location in their home state of Maine!

For easy care, the blankets are washable (carefully!) and the eco-friendly dyes are colorfast. You can use these durable blankets again and again, year after year.

Brahms Mount Herringbone throws
Brahms Mount Herringbone Throws

Durable and Sustainable Goods

In a world of disposable items, fast fashion, and mass-produced items, Brahms Mount takes a different approach. Their blankets are meant to be used not just for years, but for generations. The unbelievable quality and variety of products is a secret of their success. This is brought about by artisans committed to their craft, holding fast to a handcrafted product that will enhance any home. For more information on this unique company and its products, visit their brand page.




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