Meet the Brands: St. Genève

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St Geneve Logo

We are proud to offer to our customers the luxurious products of St. Genève.  St. Genève’s elegant bedlinens, comforter/duvets, pillows, and more, are all handmade in Canada. In business for over 50 years, St. Genève began as a small family business.

The founder of St Geneve, Michael de la Place, began creating patterns and designs for duvets and pillows over 50 years ago. His passion for working with textiles has led St. Genève to become one of the most well-known creators of luxury bed linens and down products globally. Because of this, their primary goal has ever been to produce goods of superior quality.

What does this mean? For St Geneve, it means producing a down comforter with an even fill that stays consistent through the years so that there are no “cold spots” in the comforter. To accomplish this, their comforters utilize a design that originated in Europe, which lofts up completely and prevents shifting. In fact, they are so confident in their design that their duvets are guaranteed for life against shifting. Also, their pillows are chambered to provide both support and softness.

High Quality Materials

St Geneve uses down that has extremely effective insulating power, maintained by their high loft, density, and clinging ability. Hence, this contributes to a luxurious product, ensuring the down is both warm and lightweight.

St. Genève Today

Michael still leads St Geneve today, along with his wife, Annette.  Along with overseeing the company,  he is active professionally. St. Genève has been a member of Downmark  (Down Association of Canada) and was involved in many of their initiatives. Downmark is a non-profit organization that helps consumers buy genuine down products with confidence. Michael served as Downmark’s President for 20 years, beginning in 1997.

They employ an exceptional team at their facility, many of whom have been with them for decades. Moreover, their products are meticulously handcrafted and utilize superior materials.  Because of these factors, customers are assured of their quality due to their many certifications and their guarantee (their pillows carry a guarantee of five years, duvets are guaranteed for a lifetime against shifting). You can buy with confidence from this well-established, high-quality brand. Find out more about St. Genève on their brand page.