Read The Fine Print


Read the fine print and do your homework. At least read the cliff notes.

Just because McDonalds is cheap and easy doesn’t make it healthy or a good decision. Everyone and their brother sells a $400 bed that includes free delivery. I remember when Tempurpedic came out people were importing blocks of cheese from China for $150.00 landed in the states. These memory foam beds were selling all day long for $1,000-$2,000 online. They felt good. The looked just like a Tempurpedic and who wanted to pay $4,000 for a block of cheese from Brookstone when you could buy it online for $999.

Today you can buy that same block of cheese for $800-$900 and it looks sexy. It feels sexy. It looks and feels hip. Beautifully designed. Well-positioned? Gorgeous photography. Gorgeous people photographed in the beds. It even looks healthy.

Everything today is “green washed.” Look at all the memory foam companies claiming to have eco-friendly foam. I remember when a company from Montreal advertised waterbased memory foam. There are still mattress companies advertising the term “natural memory foam” Even after the FTC cracked down on the false claim. What the hell?! Seriously? Natural memory foam? There is no such thing as natural memory foam. There is no such thing as natural foam. People need to do a little homework before buying their McDonald’s salad that comes with a BigMac and a large fry and super-sized Coca-Cola.